World Skateboarding Federation Unveils First Ever Street Skateboarding Rankings

As we continue down the road that seems inevitably to be leading us to Olympic inclusion, the WSF has just released this: Its first ever street skating rankings. Read its press release below to see what’s up:

World Skateboarding Federation, a governing body for skateboarding, released today its ranking system for street skateboarding. The ranking system was one of the key elements of the Skate 20/20 Agenda designed to help skateboarding organize in preparation for a potential Olympic opportunity, set forth at the first ever Global Skateboarding Summit in Istanbul in May 2015. The ranking system was well received by the WSF board members and the summit attendees and was adopted following summit.

The ranking system is the first-ever street skateboarding ranking to include all the top contests. Individual skaters are ranked based on their contest performance in the top 10 skate events globally, including Skateboarding World Championships, X Games, Dew Tour, Street League, Copenhagen Pro, Tampa Pro, Simple Sessions, Mystic Cup, PS4 Series, Adrenalin Games, and DC Invitational Sao Paulo.

Top 10 Street Skateboarders for 2014 (Beginning July 15, rankings will be updated live for 2015)
Kelvin Hoefler – Brazil
Nyjah Huston – USA
Ryan Decenzo – Canada
Ishod Wair – USA
Luan Oliveira, Brazil
Trevor Colden, USA
Chaz Ortiz, USA
Alec Majerus, USA
Ryan Sheckler, USA
Shane O'Neill, AUS

For the complete list of 2014 rankings, click here. The WSF website also features rankings from other skateboarding disciplines, including slalom, downhill and street.  The street skateboarding ranking system was based on discussions at the Global Skateboarding Summit as well as meetings with key international skateboarding leaders. The ranking system uses multipliers for international broadcasting rights and the size of the contest purse.

Photo Sam Clark