California RampWorks is on site and in full swing for the 2012 X Games 18 course builds. The event is set to take place June 28-July 1 in downtown Los Angeles. Here’s an overview of a few of this year’s course designs.

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The Park Course focuses on providing multiple speed lines for pros to boost big transfers, as well as, key areas to put down difficult tricks. A few of the stand-out features this year include: the Red Bull tombstone, a shallow-end pool pocket, and a tunneled bridge gap.

The Street Course, reflecting your neighborhood school-grounds, will no doubt strike a cord with every skate generation. Some of it’s stand-out features include: a curved brick wall, lengthy hand-rails and of course, the gap inspired by the famous skate spot at Carlsbad High (RIP). L.A. artist, James Haunt, will be painting a mural on the course. California RampWorks’ Lead Designer, Dug Ketterman, said “I want these parks to feel like you’re skating something that shouldn’t be skated.”