Zero Premiere, Monster Mastership

Zero New Blood Premiere Tonight!

At Soma in San Diego.
Show times 7:30 PM and 9:30 PM.
Don’t miss it!

P.R.O Named Athlete Organization of the Famous Monster Mastership

After meeting in San Diego in March 20th, the Pro Rider Organization P.R.O. have been named the official athlete organization of the 24th M√ľnster Monster Mastership, World Championships of Skateboarding 2005, held in Munster, Germany on July 1-3.

The Mastership is the longest running contest in the world, now going on its 25th year of successive competition skateboarding. The Mastership is considered to be one of the most prestigious contest of the year, by most professional skateboard athletes. The Mastership is the brainchild of German skateboard extraordinaire Titus Dittman and organized by Ralf Middendorf of Titus Communications Ralf is a former German Professional skateboarder, and has been in charge of organizing the contest for over ten years.

P.R.O. will help Titus Communications with the Mastership in coordinating and consulting with both Titus Communications and the notorious sport organizer World Cup Skateboarding on such logistical issues as judging, prize money breakdowns, course and ramp design and other issues of logistical weight.