Zero To Hero Skateboarding: The Basics Volume 1

Zero To Hero Skateboarding: The Basics Volume 1

Skateboarding just got better! Zero To Hero’s unique program features a professional Skateboarding Instructor who understands the learning process, and explains the basics of the sport. Beginners and intermediate skateboarders will learn and progress faster, safer, and have more fun!

With Zero To Hero Skateboarding: The Basics Volume 1, Safety is emphasized alongside skill. Students become skateboarders quickly and in their own environment.

“Most people learn how to skateboard the way I did—by trial and error,” says Zero to Hero’s host and accomplished Skateboarding Instructor Mike Ogas. “Let’s face it, without someone to show you the basics, jumping right on a skateboard can be unproductive, intimidating, and even dangerous.”

Along with top-name pros Steffan Attardo, Stacy Lowery, Lauren Perkins, and Kristian Svitak, Host/Instructor Mike Ogas breaks down the key elements of over 25 tricks. The program covers all the aspects of skateboarding that any up and comer needs to know: safety, equipment selection/assembly, and skateboarding at various locations— in skateparks, on the streets, and on ramps.

This is the first skateboarding “how to” to be suitable for boys and girls ages 5 and up. It is also the first to feature a female pro and boy and girl students of all ages learning and having fun.

The first-rate content found in Zero to Hero Skateboarding: The Basics Volume 1 includes the easy to follow instructions and visual demonstrations that other “how to”

videos have skipped. Elements that communicate key learning points include: use of slow motion instant replay, close up focus, voiceovers, graphics, and key point summaries.

The video also comes with a 24-page pocket guide, filled with color photomontages of advanced tricks, summaries, and explanations that demystify tricks such as the “Rock ‘n’ Roll To Fakie” and the “50-50 Grind”.

With an emphasis on safety, Mike’s teaching conveys techniques essential to avoid the common pitfalls in starting out— he helps his students learn in safety while having fun.

“The Zero to Hero video is amazing. It’s great for the growth of skateboarding because it teaches the basics and safety to beginners. Parents should feel comfortable having their kids learn from this video.”—Professional Skateboarder Kristian Svitak

About Mike:

Mike Ogas has been skateboarding for over 20 years, spending the last ten as a full-time professional skateboarding instructor. His techniques and philosophies have guided both the recreational and competitive skateboarder to success. Mike’s three simple principles (Have Fun, Believe In Yourself, Never Give Up) combined with lots of practice have made a difference in the lives of hundreds of kids.

“Skateboarding isn’t just about riding on a skateboard. It encourages physical coordination and skills. It teaches kids many skills for life that we as parents strive to teach our kids: self-confidence, a respect for the achievements of others, an understanding that getting what you want takes hard work and dedication. Skateboarding gives kids an interest that will hopefully keep them out of trouble. It also can help a child gain the acceptance and respect of their peers.”

Mike has brought his skateboarding exhibitions and teaching clinics to many schools and has worked with community organizations and programs such as the DARE program. His current sponsors include Etnies, Von Zipper, Scarecrow Skateboards, and Jay’s Boardshop. Mike Ogas lives with his wife and kids in Orange, California.

My son started working with Mike two years ago when he was seven. Now my son is ranked sixth in the state for his age group. This all started with Mike’s teaching techniques but it’s his positive attitude that keeps my son working harder and harder.

—Sanette South

Mike Ogas has an exceptional rapport with children. Before the lessons with Mike, my nine-year-old daughter could not skateboard at all. Now her fears have been replaced with confidence and she is able to skateboard by herself! Now my five-year-old daughter is starting to stand up on her own after only a few months.—Miriam Laird

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