Zumiez Best Foot Forward Kansas City

Zumiez Best Foot Forward: Kansas City with DC Pros Nyjah Huston and Matt Miller

In the metropolis of Kansas City, Missouri, the Summer is heating up as the Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am Contest blasts into town. Kansas City is no joke when it comes to the high-flying action of skateboard madness. With a bevy of new shredders coming out of this midwestern mecca, the stage was set for massive schralping at the comp.

In the sweltering heat of the flyover states, there is a well-constructed oasis among the broken down cars and industrial waste. The locale: KC Indoor Skatepark. In the house, along with all the contestants, were DC riders Nyjah Houston and Matt Miller. The contest pressed on while the superstars of the streets signed autographs and posed for cell phone shots. The heats ripped on one after another and the skaters took slams and landed impressive maneuvers.

The finals came down to six shredders who were unstoppable during the preliminary heats. Evan Doherty came through with a hot banger, although under 5 feet tall, he was a giant out there on the course. His lower center of gravity allowed for a simple, smooth gyration for pulling off 540s on the vert wall quarter pipe.

Smooth lines and speed put Matt Fuller in the finals. Sean McKay was feeling the force of all the obstacles and stuck mainly to the double-set and pyramid areas. Sean managed to rock a frontside flip over the big handrail along with several other flippers.
Sean Phillips came out swinging with crazy maneuvers, most notably a kickflip back smith to fakie down the pyramid handrail. This, along with a host of solid flip tricks and rail chomping was enough to land Sean in the 3rd place spot.

The talk of the town was Zack Doelling, whose numerous attempts at a three sixty double-flip cost him three broken boards. One after another, Zack was snapping and crackling those planks of wood like it was breakfast time. Zack did manage to pull off tons of awe inspiring tricks and scooped up the second place trophy.

The man with the plan was Weston Sparks. Weston has a mix of consistency and difficulty that wouldn’t be outdone on this Kansas City day. Front blunt combos and nollie to board sliders were child’s play for Weston as he danced around the course hardly missing a step anywhere. Sealing the deal with a huge backside hurricane, Weston found himself in the first place seat and on the road to the finals.