Zumiez Best Foot Forward Las Vegas

Sin City brings out all types of crazy. There is a demeanor and ruggedness that is instinctual to a Las Vegas skater. Unlike any place on Earth, Vegas has the madness and enthusiasm that is perfect to breed today’s type of heavy hitter.

As the heat skyrocketed in this desert metropolis, the City of Sin brought out all the best. At Skatecity Skatepark, the atmosphere was nothing but cool as ice. With the air conditioners blasting at full capacity, the stage was set for these shredders to get it on and take no prisoners.

The heats went down heavy with many, many skaters blasting back and forth and snapping masterful maneuvers among the various obstacles. Skatecity has a set-up lending itself to non-stop lines with quarter pipes on either end of the park.

When the finals came about, the five riders were all exhausted. Nothing good ever came easy and these dudes were still ready to rock out for the ten minute battle royale that would decide the outcome. Adrian McCoy, Will Pousant, Pip Meranto and Brendon Villanueva were up to the task and put on a show that left our eyes bugged-out and mouths agape.

Travis Martin was blasting massive 180s and kickflips across the huge pyramid to flat. Answering the call and manning up to all the rail chomping you could ask for, Adrian took care of business in a major way. With steezy nollieflip to board combos and tech wizardry down the handrail, it’s easy to see why Adrian stood tall among the other finalists.

Coming in third was Skatecity’s own ‘Wild’ Will Pousant. Will had a lot of consistency as he took care of business on the bump-to-flat rail and laid down bigspin frontboards with ease. Will busted out one of the most stylish hardflips down the stair set to round out his fun fest.

Second place was harnessed by Pip Meranto. Front blunts, back hurricanes and 270 lipslides were child’s play for Pip as he stomped and plowed through the terrain here at Skatecity.

The undoubted champ was Los Angeles resident Brendon Villanueva. Making the trek out to this desert oasis was a gamble that paid off for the boy wonder. With an immortal consistency, Brendon landed trick after trick without faltering. Not so much as a heel drag could be seen slipping. With an impossible to front smith and an awe inspiring nollie flip lipslide, Brendon was a shoe in for first place.

There is no gamble when it comes to the BFF crew and the swift and rad manor that the contest goes down. With the tour going strong, it’s always a jackpot when it comes to the Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am contest.