Zumiez Best Foot Forward Milwaukee

The 6th annual Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am Contest series got rolling with a lot of steam and excitement in the city of Milwaukee. Known for its massive amounts of cheese and beer, Milwaukee brought the heat in a heavy way to the BFF contest this year. The location: Cream City Skatepark. The method: Shredding all day. The outcome: One of the fifty-some contestants awarded an all expenses-paid trip to the BFF finals in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the end of June.

Ripping went down in America’s dairyland. Former BFF champion, John ‘Ozzy’ Oskvarek, was in the house and throwing down big kickflips off the large gap. Not only that, but he nailed seemingly flawless nollie bigspin backlips as well. There was stiff competition as always, and rocking the socks off the judges were the top three riders who battled till they dropped. Among them were, dudes like Andre Colbert who killed the vert wall and pulled off a back lip to pretzel 270 out across the coast-to-coast pyramid ledge. Jason Seibert also rocked the flat-rails and handrail. Jason made easy business of the entire course and landed himself in the 3rd place position. We saw all kinds of consistent maneuvering come out of the five-foot phenom known as Cory Glick. Cory massacred the handrail! He landed a kickflip front crooks and a back 270 lip. The stairs weren’t safe either. Switch hardflips and bigflips seemed effortless.

Rocking the house and bringing in all the funk was the man and true local hero, Matt Nordness. Ripping the park with speed and agility, Matt used the wooden landscape to his advantage and sealed up the whole show. Bringing home the first place honors, Matt’s crowd-stopping ollie over to crooks straight onto the handrail was a thing of beauty. As an unstoppable force, Matt threw down trick after trick in so many lines it would make a zebra dizzy. The Milwaukee force was in full-effect. This BFF contest was a super-worthy example of what kind of fun and gnar get hammered down as the 6th annual Contest series gets underway. If the rest of the series is anything like this, we all are going to have to get our heads screwed back on, because BFF is gonna be just too explosive for words.