The scene in the home of Ben Franklin was a balmy 100 degree swamp as the Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am contest commenced. Skaters were subject to the heinous heat of Hell while trying to shred the course.

When the finals came around, the top six were barely standing. Pulling it together for the super trooper round was the working man Dave Mull and Shane Colville. Antonio Massey was ripping the vert and taking care of business down the handrail all day. With cab back noseslides, it was gonna be a raw final showdown.
Sean Powderly and Chance Hogue rocked and rolled on the bump-to-ledge and killed the double set. The true killer of the day was Kevin Liedtke. Kevin amassed a huge bag of tricks and laid them all out for the finals. Full-cab lip, half-cab back fifty, nollie noseslides and nollie crooks were child’s play for this champ of the day.
Coming in second and scooping up another trophy from Best Foot Forward, Dave, ‘The Working Man’ Mull, ripped not only his pants, but the plywood, masonite and metal too. The third place contender today was Antonio. With his cab to back lips and smooth three flips, Antonio was a shoe-in for the podium.
With a three flip to lipslide fakie backed up by an amazing bigflip to front board fakie, the winner of today’s Transworld Best Trick contest was a no-brainer for the judges. Taking home the best trick trophy was Donny Hixon.
With just three more stops on the Zumiez Couch Tour, we have a serious contest shaping up for the finals, now just days away in Minnesota.