Zumiez Best Foot Forward Phoenix

The Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am Contest came to a grinding halt in the city of Phoenix as record heat exploded on the thermometer sending shrapnel of boiling gnarlitude in every direction. Just one day after the cosmic fusion of earth, moon and sun in a majestic display of interplanetary freedom, the solar eclipse of 2012 would hold the standard for the day’s beauty.

The heat was just too much for words. There was no way we were gonna subject the madmen of this desert oasis to skating in this ozone-free oven. The BFF powers that be held off the event for a couple of hours until the decline in thermometer swelling became slightly more bearable.

The Tempe Skatpark is stacked with an array of obstacles and the BFF crew staked out four areas for the wood pushers to unleash their own brand of freedom pie.

The euro gap section was first on the list for the shredders to harness gnarness. Tons of top rank maneuvers were laid down. Among them were: various takes on the late shove-it, well defined rocket double flips, massive big and bigger flips and caballarials aplenty.
The second area began to weed out the underlings. Those dropping heavy-duty gnar down the smaller hubbas started to get noticed. We saw nollie nose grinds, three sixty flip front fifties and hellacious nollie flip nose slides straight out of the gates. Not to mention a hard flip to back fifty. There were so many tricks! The brain couldn’t process it all!

Next stop: The bump to flat-bar and the down-rail combo. The obstacles allowed for tech maneuvers as well as heavy-duty legit handrail tricks. This area was also the sight of many collisions. Auttiesh Danger shined with front feeble reverts and kickflip-to-rail madness.

The fourth and final area for destruction was the large ten-stair set complete with handrail and hubba combo. Leaving onlookers flabbergasted with his masterful landing of a man-sized lazer flip, DaShawn Jordan took no prisoners and rocked into first place with ease. His consistency and a bag of tricks deeper than the Pacific Ridge made DaShawn unstoppable. Merlin himself couldn’t stop this magician of the four-wheeled plank. It was truly a pleasure to behold.

As the scandalous temperature finally calmed, so did the scene at the park. The winners circle was no place for scrubs as the champs of the day stood tall. Donovan Nearing held down third, Auttiesh Danger came in second and the man of the day, DaShawn Jordan was on the top of the podium with a smile and a humble thank you.