Zumiez Best Foot Forward Portland

The Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am contest took a rain delay for a little bit in Portland. As the black clouds descended on the Zumiez Couch Tour parking lot, the skaters of the day were eager to rip, but would have to quell their inner storms for a while. The tarps were brought out and spread with the quickness. There was no time lost by the Zumiez staff. Getting the course dried up and back in action was swift business. As the contest recommenced, the shredding had no signs of slowing.

Portland has always been known as a center for concrete heavies. The skaters would have to pilot their skills on a slippery and salty surface today. The masonite was doused with pockets of dampness. Taking to ramps and railings like a nocturnal creature from the hesh abyss, Dave Mull killed it. Starting off strong, Dave did a taildrop kickflip into the bank gaining speed and never slowing down. Dave would finish off the jam with a gap off the quarterpipe to 90-degree front fifty on the handrail.

Art Gordillo showed off the skills to pay the bills all over the course with solid flip tricks and gap-to-ledge variations. It was enough to make the judges take notice and award Art the third place ticket.

The Zumiez Destroyer Award went to Portland ripper Mikey Calcagno, whose smooth style got recognized by the judges in a big way. Tyson Reynolds wore the second place badge like a champ, making small work of the handrail and double set. Tyson cruised around the course with smoothness and style while stomping a bolts-landed switch front three down the stairs.

Anthony Grant had his eye on the prize and was determined to take the cake. Anthony ripped and shredded all day during the preliminary heats. When it came to the finals, Anthony busted out at the buzzer with a crowd-stopping nollie backside heelflip to back lip fakie down the handrail.

The Portland stop on the Best Foot Forward series produced some super gnar outcomes and gives one more finalist an invite to the mac daddy finals out in Minnesota. Can’t wait!