Zumiez Best Foot Forward Recap, Indianapolis

The second stop on the Zumiez BFF is Indianapolis, Indiana. No stranger to danger, Indy has had it’s share of rippers throughout the years and this season would prove to be no exception. With its midwestern sensibility and sweet combination of urban and rural atmosphere, Indy breeds a rugged and well developed type of skater. While the contest was held just outside the city limits, the power and attendance was still in full force. Masses of onlookers descended on the spanning grounds that encompassed the recreation center. Key focal points were mainly the huge pyramid in the center of the skate plaza and the various handrails and hubba ledges scattered throughout the spacious grounds.

Dudes like Dean-o Tull, whose huge heelflip up and over the pyramid made him a shoe in. Mike Caposio ripped the whole course with aggression and a pocket full of style that was as bottomless as the pacific ridge. As the day was roaring to a close and the last preliminary heat was just starting, A late comer emerged form the bluffs and snuck into the mix with no warm up at all. Justin Smolenski, tore around the course handling business in a manner of switch stance awesomeness on the handrail area which was not to be outdone. Smo’ couldn’t be silenced even after the heat was done and being a latecomer to the rounds, Holy Shmoley had plenty of energy left. He was gonna need it, he’d made the finals. Joining him in the finals would be crowd favorite, Brandon Murphy. Brandon’s nice and easy approach to shredding made him a pleasure to watch. Switch flips and big three sixty flips were breezy business for the Murph man. Murphy was on fire and a few additional flip tricks down the various sized gaps in the park landed his carcass in third place. No surprise to anyones eyes, the man Smolenski rocks into second place while pulling off switch nose-grinds down the hubbas.

As the finals were about to commence, The po-po rocked up and started static with some of the local flavor. Luckily the BFF crew was on hand to quell the storm and send the cops on thier way. Evidently climbing on the roof of the rec center is frowned upon in these parts. The victor of the day came as no surprise to anyone. Corey Glick was busting a move like Young MC all day. The 15 year old giant handled the park like the king of the jungle. Backside noseblunts, front crooks, and the most stylish front noseblunts your eyeballs have ever peeped. Big big things are in store for the champion of the day. As the contest wraps up and he van pulls out of Indy, Nothing will be the same. The 6th annual BFF contest is trucking’ on like Smokey and the Banditos with a side of hot sauce for good measure. The whirlwind carries on across America and BFF is there to rip and shred with the best ams in the country.