Zumiez Best Foot Forward Sacramento

Something sub-human had been brewing in the Capital city of Sacramento, CA. Supreme shredding and maximum radditude is dropping like A-bombs here at the sixth annual Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am contest at the Couch Tour. We can’t be sure if Sacramento was really ready for this scorcher of a day as temperatures soared above the 100 degree mark.
The Best Foot Forward contest got underway with magnificent readiness as dudes like Dave Mull and Adam Emery took to the course. The preliminary heats went off with an unstoppable madness. Dudes flipping and sliding their way to the next round included Sam Vernaza and young up-and-comer James Wright. San Vernaza and his steady, smooth kickflip to back lipslides earned him a spot in the invite rounds and then all the way to the finals.
When the finals came around, there was no escaping the heat like a retro disco hall without air conditioning. The street course was a satellite dish of greenhouse gasses and temperature escalation. Finalists were out to impress and there would be true mayhem as the dudes spilled out onto the course to rip. The Zumiez Destroyer Award goes to Zack Covacs for getting gnar in a big way.
Coming in third and taking no prisoners was Brent Bell. Brent showed off switch-stance skills as well as ripping out a full-cab to front board down the handrail.
Transworld’s best trick contest went off in a fashion akin to a whirlwind of locusts swarming a village. The village, in this case, was the handrail and doubleset area. Coming out on top was Nigel Jones. Mr. Jones came out of the gates with a solid inward heelflip and then, backing himself up, busted (literally) an inward double heelflip to board-break roll away.
While shredding in a unique and powerful fashion, Dave Mull suffered a harsh blow during the finals in the sweltering Sacramento heat. Although he made it to the finals with ease, pulling off trick after trick while attempting a kickflip boardslide, Dave was dealt a raw hand of fate. Sacking on a rail is never a pretty sight. Dave’s “sacajaweah” pitched him into the ground face first and the weight of a thousand elephants piled onto his scorpion-esque back. Having a hard time with the speedy recovery, Dave Mull failed to place on the podium.
Adam Emery, who is no stranger to the Best Foot Forward magnificence, took to the course like a caged animal set free upon the townspeople. Adam and his bionic right arm flew faster and soared higher than the rest. With a smith grind to kickflip out on the hubba, he was a shoe-in for the second place trophy.
A native of Estonia, Miika Adamov has been tearing the Sacramento streets for over a decade now. His shredding and consistency paid off today in a big way. Miika’s patented combination of tech and heavy gnarboots, earned him the first place spot. Pulling off a kickflip back noseblunt to the shrieking sound of astounded fans and onlookers, Miika was truly unstoppable.
With the contestants in shambles after a hard hitting heat wave, the Best Foot Forward crew was up and out like dust in the wind. What madness will the next few stops on the tour bring? We can only postulate that they will be as raw as what has transpired so far.