The weather was a beautiful and perfect 70 degrees in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Zumiez Best Foot Forward course was set and pruned by the shredders that turned out in droves. Among the rippers were dudes like Tyler Melton, Shylo Sweet and Tanner Oliver, who all advanced from the preliminary rounds into the invitational. During the heats, the level of difficulty turned up to 11, and the dudes were busting harder and more and more consistently.
Making it into the finals and putting on a spectacle was the man-child ripper, Jordan Brown. Jordan’s attempts of a huge kickflip were enough to garner the hearts and minds of the screaming fans on the sidelines.
When it came down to the podium, the man to watch turned out to be Matt Fisher. Matt won the Zumiez Destroyer Award. He was recognized for his perfect execution of a back overcrooks on the handrail and a mind-boggling crooked grind to to nollie big flip out on the flat ledge.
Logan Summers rolled into the third place seat with ease. Logan rolled smoothly and looked totally at ease out there on the Best Foot Forward course. Undoubtedly, Logan’s flawless frontside bluntslides were a factor in his placing in the top three.
Coming in second was Brodie Penrod. Making small work of the doubleset, Brodie took care of business all day. Mr. Penrod worked his way around the course with the ease and agility of a serpent in the sacred garden of shred.
The boy wonder Tyson Bowerbank was the man of the hour once again here in Salt Lake City. Taking home his fourth consecutive Best Foot Forward trophy, Tyson killed it with consistency all day. Skating with an injury–a messed up back, Bowerbank showed no signs of slowing down. Busting out with about a dozen flip tricks down the double set and an immaculate array of handrail accuracy, Tyson was almost superhuman as his precision took him to the first place level on the podium.
TransWorld‘s Best Trick went off in a ten minute all out battle royale. We saw swarms of skateboarders taking flight into the handrail and doubleset area as if a forest fire was lit underneath them. Doubleflip backside 180, frontside 360 heelflip, half-cab noseslide 270 out were just some of the hot pockets of nuclear waste that got splattered into the eyeballs of the judges.
TransWorld‘s own Seu Trinh was in the house to award Tyson Bowerbank with the Best Trick trophy as well as his first place proceedings. The boy genius took care of the doubleset in a big way with a backside 540 ollie, promptly backed up with a whirlwind flip. Think about the prospective downfall of what could go wrong while trying a 540 kickflip accompanied with a 360 body varial. The whirlwind flip went down like a velociraptor tearing through the prehistoric badlands of monumental Mesopotamia.