When the Zero team took to the course, you know the hammers are about to drop in a big way. All the rippers were out in full force. During this demo, Jamie Thomas came out and introduced three new soldiers to the Zero Army. Ed Duff, who has been chomping on the handrails of southern California in recent months, Kyle Frederick, all the way from the Sunshine State, Chris Coogan, and Jonathan Pierce were all in full-effect and super psyched to be sharing the course with the likes of James Brockman and John Rattray.

As the sweltering temperature of Texas toppled towards the tumultuous tipping point, the supreme shredders of this San Antonio skate scene shared the solid surface of the skatepark stylishly erected by Speer-co and its sweaty staff. The Zumiez sixth annual Best Foot Forward Am contest took to the skies and slammed with a force on the melting masonite.

Finalists came out swinging as dudes like Timmy Reyes, Drake Flores and Emilio Sifuentez stuck to the handrail section and killed life for all to watch. The ripper known as Ben Johnson tore around the course and blunt fakie’d the vert wall with ease. Roman Carillo took care of business and Rudy Zamora had his back all the way into the finals.
The undisputed man of the hour was Tommy Wilkenson. Snapping nollie boardslides, nollie feeble grinds and nollie back lips down the rail was just scratching the surface for this San Antonio native.

When the heat rose to a flamboyant 105, The finals broke off into madness that would be unmatched even by a flamethrower. Coming in hot with the Zumiez Destroyer Award was Roman Carillo.
Drake Flores showed mad promise but his flame wasn’t bright enough to burn past
Emilio Sifuentez who not only came in third, but killed the Transworld Best Trick Contest with a bigflip to front board fakie down the handrail.

Rudy Zamora blazed into second place with the authority of a thousand generals.

No surprise to anyone’s eyes was today’s first place contender. Tommy Wilkenson killed it all day. Skating with consistency and power, Tommy will surely be one of the main contenders when the finals roll around in Minnesota.