Zumiez Best Foot Forward Tulsa

In Oklahoma, the wind rips through the plains like a reaper sewing the seeds of death. Carnage and mayhem would be the toast of the day as the BFF competition ensues at the Broken Arrow Skatepark in Tulsa Oklahoma. Although the dust bowl ravaged his great landscape over eighty years ago, the dust has far from settled. Sweeping throughout Broken Arrow like a sandstorm, the winds on this day would reach a level almost unbearable. The skaters of Tulsa had their Organic lifestyles put to the test.

The contest began with a quickness and soon took a fascinating, yet unpleasant, turn, when, in heat number one, Kevin Wright suffered a bizarre knee sprain, leaving the rest of the contenders in an intimidating realm. Unfazed, emerging out of that first heat, and making the preverbal record skip with an audible “errat”, was Dakota Camp. Dakota put the gnar gloves on and went to work on all things concrete. The milky white skies opened up to a tornado pressure storm soon and the following six heats were more or less kite-boarding around the transitional playground. Some of the wind blown antics were downright boner-rific. Within the stand-out creatures of this shred-gnar apocalypse, were dudes like Caleb Bagley and Jordan Rudichuck. Both rocking their way into the finals with various combos on the bump to ledges and an extra special gap over the pyramid to nose-blunt for Jordan. ‘Dirty’ Dakota Villancana was cruising around the grounds with a look of enjoyment beaming from his grin. While cool calm and collected, Dirty happened to rock out some hammers down the man-rail, including a kick-flip to front fifty that left the rest of the crowd speechless. The man to watch was former BFF finalist and hesh trooper Pat Donivan. The silky smooth lines and raw power with which Donovan tackles all of the Voloumptious curves of the transitions was a sight to behold. Like an indigenous concrete warrior, Pat Donivan rolled faster than a cheeta and flew heighr than an exotic bird. With moves like smith grind to 50-50’s and big powerful bluntslides, the consistency of Donivan’s lines were unmatched.

At the end of the finals the crowd was left as flabbergasted as an elephant with anorexia. It was no question that the podium would sport Pat Donivan on the first place rung. Coming in second was Dakota Camp and a solid third was the Dirty man himself, Dakota Villancana. The BFF train keeps on trucking’ as the tricks continue to stack up. Oklahoma kept it real and the Tulsa stop found itself a champ once again amongst the harsh weather and scattered debris.