Zumiez Best Foot Forward West Nyack 2012

As the children of Lower New York seek relief from the heat in any way they could, be it kiddie pools on rooftops or the scene of a tapped fire hydrant, there was no doubt that the temperature of the day had us in its clutches.

Even with the heat index topping out above 100 degrees, the Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am contest was ready to rock. Rolling through the rounds of skater after skater, the local qualifier heated up and brought on magnificent displays of rail chomping and transition schralping.
The invite round became increasingly stressed as the wood on the ramps swelled under the atmosphere. Dudes boards were breaking left and right. You’d hear a snap every few minutes and a repeating “oooohhhh” from a dismayed crowd.
As the finals came around, the skaters were visibly fatigued and drenched with sweat, showing signs of true dehydration. ‘The Working Man’ Dave Mull had his eyes on the prize today in this sweltering tsunami of heat. Could he make it all the way this time? With three second place wins under his belt, the crowd waited to hear the outcome for the podium standings.
Joined by Alex Fererra, Dave Mull took to the course like a madman. Rippers like Christopher Pierre Jaques doing heelflips out of tailslides down the hubba and Nate Benner were in the house and skated better than ever. Nate killed the vert wall with his patented switch rock and rolls and mean kickflip to front fifties on the bump to ledge.
Another man to watch was Chris Anderson. Coming out strong, Anderson busted front blunts and mad handrail tricks aplenty. In a surprise showing of aggresivenes and effort, Tom Weiss killed the hubba and hit the vert wall with aggression. A Miller flip on the wall ramp and a blunt one-foot with nosegrab in to fakie kept Tom in the judges good graces when it came down to the awards.
Getting the Zumiez Destroyer Award today was the man, Nate Benner. Showing up ripping through the sweat was Tom Weiss atop the third place pedestal. Coming in second and also killing the Transworld Best Trick contest was Chris Anderson. His display of a tailslide bigflip out earned him the best trick award of the day without a doubt.
‘The Working Man’ Dave Mull finally came out on top. Coming up a few hairs short of the win each time, Mull pulled off the first place honors and went home a happy working man.