Go Skateboarding Day 2016 - Day In Day Out
Once again on June 21, the first day of summer, Go Skateboarding Day kicked off in a major way in Los Angeles and New York City. On the West Coast, NikeSB app users were treated to a backstage pass to the Paramount back lot and a private session with Nyjah Huston, Guy Mariano, Shane O’Neill,  Eric Koston, Sean Malto, and Paul Rodriguez. From there, the session moved to the West LA Courthouse and revealed new flat bars installed to make the historic spot that much better. Local Angelinos sessioned with legends until the sun went down.

At the same time in NYC, NikeSB app users got the golden pass to skate the Barclays Center in Brooklyn with Bobby Worrest and Stefan Janoski. After that it was the annual LES Skatepark mega-session complete with a long ollie contest and several best trick contests. The whole mass of skaters then pushed over the Williamsburg Bridge into Brooklyn where a newly rebuilt McCarren Skatepark was unveiled. After a demo from Alex Olson, Cyrus Bennett, Brian Anderson, Bobby Worrest, Hjalte Halberg, Stefan Janoski, and Antonio Durao, the park was opened to the public and will be so permanently. Thanks to Nike SB for building new permanent skate spots on both coasts. Go skateboarding everyday! –Blair Alley
“If the other 364 days of the year you really like skating, then Go Skateboarding Day is the day to really love it, celebrate it, get out with your crew and appreciate what it is.”
- ­Eric Koston
Nyjah Huston, backside nosegrind. Los Angeles, CA. Owens
Shane O’Neill, backside crook nollie frontside flip into the bank. Satpal Bansal, backside flip. Los Angeles, CA. Owens
“The day for us is all about celebrating skateboarding—trying to inspire people and trying to show our love for skateboarding.”
- Sean Malto
Eric Koston, no-comply. Sean Malto, fakie five-0. Los Angeles, CA. Owens
“In New York Nike redid McCarren Park and made it really fun and cool. I wish they'd have done that 8 years ago.”
- Stefan Janosk
Stefan Janoski, frontside slappy. Cyrus Bennett, kickflip. New York City, NY. Blair
Antonio Durao, 360 flip. New York City, NY. Blair
“Go Skateboarding Day is a crazy day when lots of kids get to go skate around and pro skaters get forced to skate [laughing].”
- Stefan Janosk