You’re done counting down the 12 Days of Christmas, so we’re rewarding you with 12 of the best Wednesday Wallpapers from 2013. Your computer is going to be looking way better than any Christmas tree in your neighborhood. We put a poll on the last page for you to let us know which one is your favorite. Click on any photo for the large version.

Zered Bassett, ollie. Photo: BARTON

Chad Tim Tim, switch frontside bluntslide. Photo: COULTHARD

Tyler Bledsoe, backside bigspin. Photo: BARTON

Tony Karr, frontside five-O. Photo: STRAND

Silas Baxter-Neal, frontside ollie. Photo: CHAMI

Youness Amrani, backside Smith grind. Photo: DVL

Tom Remillard, frontside pivot. Photo: BARTON

Ishod Wair, switch frontside bigspin. Photo: TAKETOMO

Guy Mariano, 50-50. Photo: MULLER

Evan Smith, kickflip wallride. Photo: GABERMAN

Grant Taylor, frontside air. Photo: CHAMI

Greyson Fletcher, Smith grind. Photo: GABERMAN