12 Wednesday Wallpapers Of Christmas: 2012

Santa is sick to death of milk and cookies--trust us, he told us. He wants some fresh Wallpapers for his laptop this time of year. So in the Christmas spirit of giving, here are our twelve favorite Wednesday Wallpapers from 2012 for you to choose from. Deck your computer’s halls with this, and wrap one up and send it to a loved one. Yule have a better Christmas for it. We put a poll on the last page for you to let us know which one is your favorite. Click on any photo for the large version.

Alex Olson, frontside 360 ollie. Photo: O’Meally

Brandon Westgate, kickflip. Photo: Cronan

Lee Yankou, crooked grind. Photo: Chami

Nyjah Huston, five-0. Photo: Gaberman

Grant Taylor, ollie. Photo: Flynn

Evan Smith, backside hurricane. Photo: Chami

Gilbert Crockett, noseblunt-slide. Photo: O’Meally

Trevor Colden, backside 180 nosegrind. Photo: Shigeo

Jake Johnson, switch ollie and wallride nollie out to fakie. Photo: Chami

Austyn Gillette, fakie ollie. Photo: Chami

JT Aultz, pop shove-it nosegrind. Photo: Trinh

Tom Remillard, frontside boardslide. Photo: Chami

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