20 Questions: Jereme Rogers

You’re at Disneyland right now?


Are you just trying to fill the day up?

I don’t know. I didn’t really want to go, but these guys convinced me. I’ve never really gave a shit about Mickey Mouse.

You should just go with it.

Yeah, I’m gonna, but so far it’s a crock.

Space Mountain’s good.

Yeah, but I heard you have to walk to the top of the mountain to get to go on the ride, which kinda sucks, ’cause that’s probably a big walk if it’s a mountain, right?

Yeah. (Laughs) It’s a fake mountain, Jereme.

I know, but I don’t like walking anywhere. My hand’s cut up, so I’m gonna try to get one of those wheelchairs, so I don’t have to walk around.

Who are you there with?

Paul (Rodriguez), Alexis, this kid Nigel, and Alex. We’re walking around right now, but nothing too exciting.

Okay, cool. How’s school going?

Uh (laughs), great. I don’t go to school, though. It’s been a few years since I’ve gone.

Do you miss it?

I miss the girls, but not the actual school part. The last thing I did was homeschool. Before that, I went to this school in Blackstone (Massachusetts). It was stupid.

Where’s that?

Outside of Boston.

How long did you homeschool?

I did it for a couple weeks, and then my stepdad started doing it—he’s been doing it for a while. I’ll probably graduate, but he’s gonna do it for me.

So he’s been doing the work?


Oh, that’s hot (laughs). How long’s it been since you’ve been back in Boston?

A couple of months. I go back every few months or whatever. It’s just freezing there right now.

It’s not like you have control over it, but on the subject of growing, do you see yourself more as growing into things or more as growing out of things?

Growing into things. Yeah, growing taller. I’ve definitely been getting hurt a lot lately. I don’t know if that’s from growth spurts or what.

You slid your hand across a flatbar at (SkatePark of) Tampa and sliced your finger pretty good.

Yeah, it cut down to the bone. I cut my tendon and can’t really bend my middle finger, so it’s pretty much stuck up.

So it looks like your giving people the finger all the time?

Yeah (laughs).

Did you get to see your bone or anything like that?

Yeah, I could see it.

Did that freak you out?

Yeah. I don’t really like that stuff, but I guess next time I’ll be used to it.

How many stitches?


Did they have to stitch the tendon back together?

Yeah. It’s like those stitches that dissolve. These guys are playing with Mickey Mouse right now.

What were you doing skating in the Tampa Pro contest, anyway?

I don’t know. I wasn’t planning on it, but there wasn’t really anybody there—just a bunch of Brazilians.

So you can just jump into a pro contest?

I guess. They said I could enter, so I did.

How does that work? Are you officially pro now?

No, I’m still am. They just let me do the contest.

So next time you go, you can’t skate the am contest?

No, but I don’t like the am contest, anyway. Too many people. Hectic. A bunch of people trying to get their stuff—show their skills. But the pro contest was kind of fun ’til I hurt my hand.


The course is really fun, and there wasn’t as many people there as there usually is, so you could actually skate.

Hey, I don’t get this. How are you able to live in L.A.? Do you rent an apartment?

I live with Paul Rodriguez.

At his parents’ house?

It’s just us there.

How long have you been away from Boston?

I still use both addresses for stuff. I’m definitely a resident in L.A.,, but I’ve been living on my own—I go back and forth—but it’s been a couple years.

How long were you couching it?

I don’t know. Six or seven months.

Dependent on the kindness of others.

(Laughs) Yeah, just floating around, getting on people’s nerves. I was always lugging around a duffel bag. Anytime I stayed the night, I’d have my duffel bag and just set up shop.

Did you get barred from anyone’s place?

No. Didn’t pull any baby schizos.

Do you have any strong feelings either way about where you’re from?

It’s nice to be from the East Coast instead of here.

You have a little Beantown pride.

Yeah, a little.

Are there people from back home you wish could be traveling and skating with right now?

Yeah, there’re a couple friends—this kid Eli Reed and my friend Andrew McGraw. There’re a lot of people back there I wish still skated. This one guy, Steve Costello, was really good. He’s amazing, but he doesn’t really skate anymore.

Other people or things you miss from home?

Yeah, just being able to skate around the city without having to drive everywhere. But the seasons are so crazy—the winter’s freezing, the fall is pretty cold, and the summer is so hot and humid that you can’t skate until nighttime.

Do you find yourself taking things for granted that a couple years ago you wouldn’t have given a second thought?

No, I’m really grateful for everything.

Give me a quick recount of your food intake for the day, thus far.

Yogurt, granola, strawberries, Cream of Wheat—maple and brown sugar—and a couple boxes of orange juice. I don’t eat meat, so I don’t get any of that.

That sounds pretty healthy.

Sometimes it’s not, because Paul always wants to eat El Pollo Loco.

His dad did commercials for them.

Oh yeah. I never really thought of that.

Does he get free food when he goes there?

No, he definitely just pays for it when he goes.