2001 Tampa Am Contest

Click here for a Quicktime video clip from Tampa.

Plenty of people love to talk about how boring it is to sit and watch a contest all day long. I don’t mind it one bit. Heck, I feel honored to be able to sit and watch the best amateur skateboarders in the world over a four day weekend. All the top ams converged on The Skatepark of Tampa for the 8th year in a row. Not only were all the top ams in town, but many of the top pros were seen on the sidelines including Jamie Thomas, Brian Anderson, Bam Margera, Josh Kalis, Kerry Getz, Arto Saari, Tim O’Conner, Caine Gayle, Rodrigo Tx, Billy Rohan, Mike Carroll, Anthony Furlong, and Andrew Reynolds. Justin Strubbing, Ryan Wilburn, Matt Milligan, Paul Zitzer, Mike Frazier, Matt Dove, and Remy Stratton were the judges throughout the weekend. The “out with an injury roster” included: Vinny Vegas, Tim Achille, Anthony Scalamri, Andrew Gordon, and Brian Wenning. Thursday was the major day of practice for the 198 registered riders. That number was confirmed well over a month ago. Had they not closed registration at 220, the competitors list could have ballooned to over 400. That scenario would take a whole week to finish. Friday and Saturday were almost like two separate contests. Each day took half the competitors, put them in heats, and gave them 2 fifty second runs: best run counts. So 110 riders were knocked down to 16 each day. The top qualifiers got “the golden ticket” and advanced directly into the finals on Sunday. The lucky ticket holders were Guy Kampfen from Darkstar and Rodney Jones from Powell.

Saturday night was the 8th Anniversary Party and much chaos went down. 3 bands played before CKY took the the stage and rocked the house!

Sunday held the top 30 riders battle it out to make the top 10 that would join the ticket holders in the FINALS. Real’s Dennis Busenitz qualified in first place on his way into the FINALS. The finals consisted of 3 one minute runs. And the winner is COLT CANNON. I would not have wanted to be in the judges seat. I tend to think Bastien should have won, but he got second. An unknown rider for Chapman, Dai Kato, killed it and ended up in third by doing huge 3 flips and switch fs flips over the pyramid. He ended his run with a fs 180 kickflip melon over the pyramid. Dai is certainly one to look out for. Black Label’s, Patrick Melcher was skating the fastest of all the riders, but couldn’t stay on his stick during the finals. The weekend was a blur of top notch skating. Go check it for yourself in 2002.

Patrick Melcher threw down fs 180 to fakie five-0 down the rail. 2001 Tampa Am Final

1. Colt Cannon
2. Bastien Salabanzi
3. Dai Kato
4. Dennis Busenitz
5. Guy Kampfen
6. Caswell Berry
7. Rodney Jones
8. Chris Kendall
9. Chris Cole
10. Greg Lutzka
11. Ricardo Carvalho
12. Patrick Melcher
13. Tosh Townend
14. Allen Russell
15. Howard Cooke
16. Ryan Scheckler
17. Clint Peterson
18. Daniel Castillo
19. Graham Bickerstaff
20. Gary Collins
21. Jereme Rogers
22. Ruben Garcia
23. Anthony Shetler
24. John Allie
25. Chris Dobstaff
26. Josh Maready
27. Pete Eldridge
28. Pat Rakestraw
29. Ariel Stagni
30. Dan Heassler
31. Chad Albert
32. Ricky Espinoza

Best Trick
1. Chris Cole — bs 360 ollie to lipslide, sw fs 180 to 5.0 revert down, switch kickflip boardslide
2. Chad Tim Tim –nollie to switch nose grind across the flat to 180 out, 3 flip lipslide down
3. Sean Payne –kf bs tail to fakie down
4. Ricardo Carvalho –switch fs 50-50 acrosss and down
5. Guy Kampfen –noseslide nollie varial heel out
6. Ricky Dixon– nollie fs noseslide
7. Stefan Janowski ¿ ollie the step up to bs tail down
8. Chris Dobstaff ¿ fs 5.0 across and down to 180 out
9. James Curtis ¿ fs boardslide body varial
10. Chris Oliver ¿ 50-50 whole rail to kickflip out
11. Josh Falk ¿ 50-50 flat to fs 5.0 down the rail
12. Billy Marks ¿ pop shuv lipslide

Other Special Awards
*Bastien Salabanzi ¿ best trick of the weekend ¿ kf fs board fakie over the pyramid and down the rail
*Corey Duffel ¿ worst dressed and last place
*unkown soldier ¿ fs nosebluntslide over the pyramid and down the rail
*James Nichol – best run of the weekend

Vert Results
1. Jussi Koshonen
2. Chad Shetler
3. Craig Whitehead
4. Benji Galloway
5. Steve Workman

Click here for a Quicktime video clip from Tampa.