2002 Damn Am Finals

The year came to close this past weekend for the 2nd annual Damn Am ContestSeries. Volcom laid out the welcome mat once again and Schaeffer and hiscrew knocked out a new and improved street course.

Friday was mostly practice and registration. Over 100 skaters worked ontheir lines and trained new tricks. If you were old enough, you might havegone to the Tiki Bar and seen Kristian Svitak’s band play with the SmutPeddlers.

Saturday was spent with some practice in the morning and the rest of theafternoon was the qualifying heats. Rippers who didn’t make it into the SEMI’s included Tony Manfre, Graham Bickerstaff, Randy Korwin, Pat Rakestraw,Josh Dowd, and Tim Harris. It took so long that the final heat of the dayskated into darkness. Second runs were postponed until Sunday morning. Onceit was too dark to skate everyone shifted their attention inside where youngand old alike skated side by side in the vert contest. Lots of new nameswere participating this year. Valter Vale from Brazil took home the trophy.After the awards ceremony, everyone was treated to a showing of “Dying toLive and Digital’s new one “Invasion.

Sunday started out by finishing up the rest of the skaters from Saturdaynight. Then the Semi Finals got underway. 24 rippers lead by the leader ofthe pack, Greg Myers, who qualified in first place. Each guy skated theirbest to get a slot in the FINALS. Standouts who didn’t hold it together wereDylan Reider, Andrew Cannon, Brandon Miller, Matt Allen, and Joey Poirez.The finals got going right away. When it was all said and done, Billy Marksnarrowly edged out Danny Morrin and Jeremy Morgan, and Spanky for the win.

Two separate best trick events went off. UP first was the DVS bench. Thewinner was an unknown Brazilian named Rodrigo Peterson who half cab Crookedgrind to BS 180 out. The other obstacle chosen for BEST TRICKAGE was the hubba ledge on the farside of the course. Shorty’s new rider, Rodrigo Lima nailed a switch flip toBS 5.0 down the ledge for the win.

Both days of competition were a blast and many pros were in attendance. Inoticed Geoff Rowley, Brian Sumner, Ed Templeton, Mark Appleyard, RuneGlifberg, Carlos De Andrade, and Fabrizio Santos. The tour will be rollingstrong next year so do your darndest to get out and see them when they rollthrough your area. Check www.damanam.com for all the latest info.

1 Billy Marks
2 Danny Morrin
3 Jeremy Morgan
4 Kevin Spanky Long
5 Rodrigo Lima
6 Daniel Nelson a.k.a. Alien
7 Phillip Trotter
8 Dan Murphy
9 Jason Jones
10 Patrick Webb
11 Greg Myers
12 Torey Pudwill
13 Abdias Rivera