Handling the gnarliest transfers of the weekend with ease, David Loy took home the 2008 Damn Am trophy while Cody Davis and Felipe Gustavo followed behind in second and third. And we even sprinkled in some Best Trick footy for good measure.

Videography by Lannie Rhoades

FEATURING: Donovan Piscopo, Will Marshall, Rob Maatman, Tommy Fynn, Shawn Hale, Timmy Knuth, Felipe Gustavo, Kechaud Johnson, Louie Lopez, Cody Davis, and David Loy.

1) David Loy
2) Cody Davis
3) Felipe Gustavo
4) Timmy Knuth
5) Kechaud Johnson
6) Louie Lopez
7) Shawn Hale
8) Rob Maatman
9) Kyle Walker
10) Tommy Fynn
11) Will Marshall
12) Donovan Piscopo