Corey Duffel chimes in with a footwear-focused Top 5 from our 2015 Footwear Guide. He also threw in his favorite records, TV shows, and cartoons for good measure. The Duffman lists a lot of things!

Words by Blair Alley
Photo by Dave Chami

Top 5 Osiris shoes of all time:
1. My first signature shoe, The Duffel.
2. Duffel the Zombie.
3. Duffel LP low aka the 45.
4. Duffel VLC.
5. Duffel kickback.
6. Can’t forget the legendary D3.

Reasons to live in the East Bay:
1. Where I grew up.
2. Kinder's BBQ.
3. Skating with Cairo Foster.
4. Autumn.
5. I never felt an urge to leave.

Handrail skaters all time:
1. Pat Duffy.
2. Heath Kirchart.
3. Ed Templeton.
4. Ethan Fowler.
5. Steve Berra.

Skate spots in the Bay:
1. EMB, RIP.
2. Pier 7, RIP.
3. Hubba Hideout, RIP.
4. Townshend Street bump, RIP.
5. Black Rock, RIP.

Sports-team apparel you'd wear:
1. San Francisco Giants.
2. San Francisco 49ers.
3. Oakland Athletics.
4. Oakland Raiders.
5. Cal Berkeley.

1. Regular Show.
2. The Critic.
3. Futurama.
4. The Simpsons.
5. Rick And Morty.

Records in your collection:
1. Rowland S. Howard, Teenage Snuff Film.
2. Rowland S. Howard, Pop Crimes.
3. These Immortal Souls, Get Lost (Don't Lie).
4. These Immortal Souls, Never Gonna Die Again.
5. Boys Next Door Door, Door.

Corey Duffel

Corey Duffel, frontside wallride. (click to enlarge)

iPhone apps:
1. eBay before Rachel [wife] banned it.
2. Craigslist when I'm on the road.
3. Instagram while on the toilet.
4. ESPN SportsCenter is good when I can't watch the ball game.
5. Spotify on Rachel's phone is pretty cool.

Fashion icons:
1. Dee Dee Ramone.
2. Nick Cave.
3. Blixa.
4. Simon Gallup.
5. Daniel Ash.

TV shows:
1. Freaks And Geeks.
2. Twin Peaks.
3. Tales From The Crypt.
4. Curb Your Enthusiasm.
5. Pete & Pete.

Osiris team riders all time:
1. Caswell Berry.
2. JT Aultz.
3. Garrett Hill.
4. James Brockman.
5. Louie Barletta.

Reasons to buy your shoe:
1. Support skateboarding.
2. Support your local store that carries them.
3. Because you dig it.
4. They could get you laid.
5. I'll give you a high five.

Leisure activities:
1. Listening to records.
2. Fishing.
3. Baseball.
4. The great outdoors.
5. Reading comic books.

Board graphics you've had:
1. Duffman.
2. Rowland S. Howard.
3. Roky Erickson.
4. MC5.
5. Siouxsie And The Banshees.

Fictional characters from the movies:
1. John J. Rambo.
2. Mad Max Rockatansky.
3. Walter Sobchak.
4. Conan The Barbarian.
5. Captain Ron.

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