See all the photos from Day 1 practice here!

SPoT’s first Damn Am down under, in Sydney, Australia is looking like it’s already been a blast. They’re about 14 hours into the future over there, so by the time Tampa (or the rest of the US) sees these photos, these dudes will most likely all be asleep. Day one was rad… all practice, but the kids rip. Check out some of the photos captured throughout the day. SPoT Life edit coming later.

Upon our arrival at the park Jack O'Grady shows us the way with a High Octane FS Nosegrind. Photo: Bart Jones

John Bejarano came all the way from Colombia to master the English language but might as well master some Backside Tailslides while he's at it. Photo: Bart Jones

They call em Mash, but with FS Airs like this maybe they should call him Blast! Photo: Bart Jones