30 of the smartest, talented, and hard-working young minds shaping the future of skateboarding.


Jake Darwen, 24, Photographer
First hitting our radar with a Dave Chami-cosigned Proof Sheet, it didn't take Jake Darwen long to go from New Zealand and Australia to being one of the most respected photographers in skateboarding. His photos have graced the pages and covers of all the major mags and he's already had a collab capsule drop with Element. @jakedarwen

Mikey Alfred, 22, Founder, Illegal Civilization, Filmmaker
Founding Illegal Civilization and planning worldwide tours at the age of 18 to put out his own videos, Mikey Alfred has impressed up since day one. It's no surprise IC is a phenomenon, Mikey is co-producing Jonah Hill’s new movie, while IC's hardgoods are now distributed by Baker Boys. @illegalciv

Brian Blakely, 27, Managing Editor, TWS
Brian's the youngest of our staff here but can do anything from edit the magazine to curate online content, hit the road to Tampa or a Nike SB tour, and log banging clips in our skatepark. He's here to stay. @brian.blakely

Cameron McIntosh, 29, Filmmaker
With cult classics like Blanket Shade and Rotunda already under his belt this year, Big Cam may just be the most interesting new filmmaker coming out of San Diego. @drthaswhassup

Andrew Peters, 28, Photographer, Publisher
Shooting photos around the world, putting out his Chat magazine in the US and Fuknoath in Australia, and updating Chat’s website (along with friends like Andrew Allen and Don Nguyen), planning release parties and ripping on the board amid it all, Aussie Andrew Peters keeps his plate full and is constantly clawing to the top of it all. @andrewjamespeters

Grant Yansura, 27, Filmmaker, Founder, WKND
Grant made a splash with his Florida homies filming the hilariously entertaining Weekendtage videos. Eventually wielding a camera for Nike SB, then starting his own board brand WKND, picking up Austyn Gillette and recently turning Johan Stuckey and Jordan Taylor pro. WKND's collab with Nike SB included a custom Blazer, a baseball game and a trip to Hawaii. Aloha! @grantyansyrup Ride on grind, photo: Brent O’Donnell

Alex Papke, 23, Photographer
Alex has the standard Long Beach, California transplant story (he's originally from Pittsburgh), but his work ethic and positive vibe have got him shooting with hot crews all over SoCal and we're happy to send him on the road shooting for Transworld. @alex_papke Photo: Jamie Thomas

Ian Michna, 28, Founder, Jenkem
Ian launched jenkemmag.com filling a void in skate media we haven't seen since Big Brother. Irreverent, funny, outrageous—Jenkem also has a book and vinly record under its belt too. @jenkemmag

Cameron Strand, 29, Photographer, Publisher, Beta Magazine
In addition to Transworld, Cameron has shot for Marlboro, Nike SB, Red Bull, Hershel Supply Co. and many more brands. Currently he's shooting alongside Ty Evans for Evans' new film. Check his self-published Beta Magazine if you haven’t already. @cameronstrand

Antosh Cimoszko, 22 Filmmaker
This young Canadian filmer has been putting out some on-point edits (Spots, Heat) with his international crew consisting of Dylan Fulford, Will Blakley, David Stenstrom, Spencer Hamilton and many more. He's garnered a cult following with his filming style and eclectic music supervision. @antoshcimoszko

Joe Monteleone, 29, Filmmaker, Dickies Skateboarding Manager
Coming out of Long Island, New York, "JoeFace" has filmed and photographed some of the best skaters in the world and managed big time brands. He's now the Dickies Skateboarding Manager and is making the next Transworld video. @thejoeface

James Buchmann 29, Filmmaker
"Buck Daddy" made the incredible indie video Cut & Dry in 2013, went on to work for Ty Evans in the filming of We Are Blood. He, along with Joe Monteleone, are at the helm of Transworld's next full-length video. @buckdaddyx

JT Rhoades, 28, Photographer
Oceanside's own, Shep Dawg's unofficial photographer, and prone to hit the road with rock 'n roll bands or solo on his own adventure, we're never sure where we'll see JT next, but he's always rolling with that careless abandon we envy. @jtrhoades

Sean Pablo, 20, Pro Skater, Founder, Paradis3
One of the ultra-cool Supreme/FA skaters, Sean Pablo got the pro nod this year from Dill and AVE and is moving right along with his own Paradis3 apparel brand. As Jason Dill said, "You should do an under 21 list…" @_streethassle Photo: William Strobeck

Tyshawn Jones, 18, Pro Skater, Owner, Hardies Hardware
The youngest on our list, TJ has nailed magazine covers, an adidas collab with his Hardies Hardware brand, a Hardies Australia trip, and mind-melting IG clips. His footage in the upcoming Supreme video is rumored to be history-making. @enwhytj Photo: Sem Rubio

Brandon Bonner, 24, Pro Skater, Arizona Iced Tea Personality
The raw talent of this Virginia native has caught many a spectator off guard at contests and demos. Natural Koncept and Arizona Iced Tea took notice and hooked him up, where you can catch his hilarious personality and jaw-dropping skating on its Snapchat and IG. @bonstalone Photo: Blair Alley

Bucky Gonzalez, 27, Team/Video Production Manager, Emerica
Emerica's talented young cameraman, he had a major hand in the epic Emerica Made volumes. With Jon Minor leaving the camp, Bucky's got the reigns of this legendary team in both hands now. @buckygonzalez

Mac Shafer, 26, Photographer
Mac has been steadily rising in the NYC skate and photography scene for several years now. With two banging Sightings photos in our last print issue, he's become a household name in the Big Apple with even bigger things to come. @mac_shafer Photo: Austin Perrotta

Mike Heikkila, 29, Photographer
Embedded with the Bronze crew and tapped to tour-guide some of the most high profile NYC visitors, Brooklyn-based photographer Mike Heikkila always comes through with a high-quality stream of photos, month after month. @mikeheikkila

Peter Sidlauskas, 28, Owner, Bronze 56k, Filmmaker
Mastermind of the most oft-copied videos of the last five years, and some of the most sought after T-shirts and softgoods in the world, Peter Sidlauskas turned his inside joke into one of the sickest independently owned brands in skateboarding. And yes, they do actually make bolts. @solojazz

Johnny Wilson, 23, Filmmaker
No one captures the raw talent of young NYC skaters quite like Johnny. He hit a fever pitch with Paych in 2014, then won our Indie Video of the Year in 2015 with Sure. Johnny is now one of the most sought after filmers in skateboarding logging clips around the world for the likes of Nike SB and Supreme. @john1wilson Photo: Malfa-Kowalski

Otto Ray, 20, Filmmaker
San Diego to San Francisco transplant, Otto is always in the streets with his trusty VX. His Curb Killaz series for Pacific Drive was a crowd favorite and he's continued to drop edits on his YouTube page no matter what city he's in. @verysus

Kosta Satchek, 29, Founder, Quartersnacks
Perhaps better known as the Snackman, Kosta founded the keenly edited quartersnacks.com to chronicle skate life in NYC and made the entire skate world want to live there. Fast forward ten-plus years, QS has a book out, several seasons' worth of apparel and numerous collabs with Nike SB and Street Machine to name just a few. @quartersnacks

Rye Beres, 19, Filmer, Boneless Zine Founder
The young head of Crailtap's video department and assistant team manager, Rye helped film Lakai’s The Flare and edited a couple of the parts. He also edits all the Weak Days you know and love. Rye started Boneless Zine in 2009 when he was in sixth grade in his native Texas. @bonelesszine Photo: Mike O’Meally

Dom Travis, 27, Nike SB Brand Marketing, North America
If you're a fan of Johnny Wilson's videos and the Core crew under the Nike SB umbrella, you've got Nike SB's young Marketing maestro Dom Travis to thank. From planning Cory Kennedy's debut shoe demo and boat party to keeping the "cherry" and 917 dudes laced up around the world, Dom is one of the tightest dudes in the industry to work with. @domtravis Photo: Blair Alley

Jeremy Lugo, 29, Founder Rippedlaces.com
Jeremy took his love of skate shoes and made the most comprehensive website about them that anyone can appreciate. From honest reviews, to interviews, to digging up classic kicks, to year-end listicles—it's become a staple in our world. Jeremy's also taken his writing talent to likes of Transworld, The Skateboard Mag, and Complex and is currently re-designing rippedlaces.com to be a more skate shoe/product-based site. @rippedlaces

Max Palmer, 29, Skater, Artist
"Loose Trucks Max" as Quartersnacks coined him, was a bit of a cult classic in NYC. Well, 917 and Nike SB took notice and now his wobbly board is gracing spots around the world. But don't overlook he's a Pratt Institute graduate and a fine artist in his own right. Have a look at his work at maxspalmer.com Photo: Malfa-Kowalski

Brandon Kuzma, 28, Director of Photography, Video Editor
You're probably most familiar with Brandon's work on several HUF video projects. Follow his IG and check out his film work, kuzmafilms.com

Blondey McCoy, 20, Skater, Artist
Palace's young fashion icon, artist and skater. Blondey juggles solo art shows in his hometown of London, his apparel line Thames, and of course logging clips around the globe with adidas and the Palace Wayward Boys Choir. @blondeymccoy

Na-Kel Smith, Pro Skater, Actor
Nak's been rapping on Odd Future albums, kills it in skate videos, has designed a slew of shoes with adidas, and is now starring in Jonah Hill’s upcoming feature film (co-produced by Mikey Alfred). Get those sunnys on, future's bright kid. @thatsonme Photo: Jimi Britches