4 the C.O.P.
The 4 Skateboard Company. Featuring Louie Dodd, Harry Clark, Morgan Campbell, Casey Foley, Tom Bentley and Chris Luu.
Filmed and edited by Ethan De Lacy. Photos by Casey Foley
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The 4 Squ4d embarked on the C.O.P. (city of Perth) for a six-day filming trip which culminated in Morgan Campbell and Casey Foley's Dejaglu/Ducktales art exhibition.

Harry Clark, frontside wallride. The North Perth Beyond skate store is a must visit for anyone in Perth. A dope session went down whilst the Squ4d were in town. Harry jumped on the wall from the corner pocket.

Lazy Louie.

Louie Dodd, frontside wallride. This strange sculpture lies in the heart of Northbridge. Louie, the out of towner, did not know he was quite likely to get glassed by a hooligan as he was getting his runup for the gap in gap out wallride. Sometimes not knowing the area helps. He got away unscathed.

Louie Dodd, ollie over drunk guy and bin. Random lurkers on the piss always seem to want people to jump over them. Louie obliged and the old mate was stoked.

Morgan campbell, slappy crook pop over. Morgan Campbell did this slappy crook pop over in the heart of Northbridge in Perth. He didn't realize in the garden there were various syringes from some junkies’ fun the night before.

Louie Dodd downhill.

Morgan Campbell pushing at the famous Woolstores ledges.

Night Squ4d.


Energy mix.

Frematle Harbour.