5 Minutes With Action Bronson

As you oughtta know, Action Bronson is playing the Dew Tour concert tomorrow night with E-40, so last night on the course there was a VIP meet-and-greet kick off where I was granted five minutes with Bronsonelli to do a little interview. Action was cool as hell, here’s what I got.—Blair Alley


Photo: Oswaldo Sanchez

Did you ever skate?

I used to skate, but I used to watch my boy skate more, because I wasn’t really great on the board. I remember I got on the board and I fell and it went into the street and a car ran over it and that was the end of my skateboarding career. I was always a hefty man.

Are you familiar with your songs being in a bunch of skate videos?

I heard and I’m cool with a bunch of very good skaters and I appreciate skating. My boy who produces my show is the lord of all things skating.

I think RB Umali knows him.

RB is my man. He did one of my first videos. He did a video of me of a night of my first show at Gramercy Theater in New York. He did a sick video for me.

What food would you recommend when visiting Long Beach or Southern California in general?

You always gotta go with the Mexican food here, no? That’s the way to go.

Favorite West Coast rapper:

MC Eiht.

Since we're in Long Beach, favorite Snoop track:

It ain’t no fun. It’s the Dogg Pound.

Are you familiar with the guys competing this weekend? Do you have a favorite skater?

Nah, I don’t know many of them but I always go with my man Jav. Javier Nunes, that’s my man. He’s my favorite skater.

How do skaters rate as a crowd to perform to?

They’re always sick. Skating is always extreme shit you know, it’s always off the hook.

If the winner of Dew Tour got an Action Bronson-prepared dinner as part of the prize, what would you cook them?

I would do an entire fuckin’ octopus spread out, spun over coals with lemon and olive oil. Maybe some nice roasted sweet potatoes, yams—straight on the charcoal.

Would you want to see the Dew Tour in Queens?


If so where?

Right in the back of my crib. Let’s go.

What special twist would you add to it if it came to Queens next year?

I would love to see it done, not in a controlled area, in the street. I think that would be sick to shut down a little part of the street and have it there. Some place where there’re some rails, stairs, to go crazy. Just make it natural, the way motherfuckers skate usually, and just use the things around them to do the tricks.

Where will skateboarders be remembered alongside ancient aliens?

Skateboarding will be much more enshrined in life than ancient aliens [laughs]. Skateboarding is just that shit. It’s epic. Old, young, everyone gets captured by it, so it will always be around.

Get tix to the concert and come out to the Dew Tour which is free all weekend!

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