88 Halloween Premiere

88’s video Destroy Everything Now premiered to a packed house Halloween night at Encinitas’ La Paloma theater. There was a small pre-party nearby where Peter Watkins was deep in a dice game. Once inside the theater, the crowd was one of the rowdiest that place has ever seen--and for good reason. The video was solid start to finish. Peter Hewitt kicked it off with the first part and the momentum never stopped. Strubing, Blender, Svitak, Mallory, Watkins, Gutterman--everyone had good parts. JT Aultz came through with amazing footage and Corey Duffel closed the show with a bananas part that was a full two songs long. He just came out with a two-songer six months ago--this kid’s a workhorse.

Good music and editing throughout, I won’t give away anything else. After the video, most people went to the Halloween party in North Park that our friends Melissa and Katie threw. The costumes were next level, they even had a contest with prizes like gift certificates to get free tattoos. It was all fun and games until the keg went dry. Happy Halloween!