9FPS: Kevin Terpening

Kevin Terpening, ollie up, ollie out.


On face value, choosing to skate into one of the busiest streets in Los Angeles on day five of giving up smoking cigarettes might not seem like the wisest idea for Kevin Terpening, but many quitting practicioners swear by employing techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This would include identifying and managing smoking triggers, developing and strengthening good habits such as exercise, and rewarding yourself for each day without a cigarette. Consider this sequence pictorial evidence of Kevin’s success on day five of giving up smoking: managing a trigger (the stress of waiting through every 10 minute traffic cycle for a gap in cars), developing and strengthening a good exercise habit (aerobic exercise and multiple kickflips between tries) and self-reward with the feeling of accomplishment gained from a quick footed vault over a chest high solid metal bench.

Photos: BARTON


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