9FPS: Shane O’Neill ‘Nike SB Chronicles Vol. 2’

Shane O’Neill, switch backside kickflip manual, 180 to switch crooked grind. Watch the world premiere of Nike’s SB Chronicles Vol. 2 tonight, 9 p.m. PST, in the Nike SB app!



Shane’s interview from our December 2013 issue by Mackenzie Eisenhour:

How are you approaching this video part? Are you just upping the difficulty level another notch? Is it hard to come up with crazier combos?
I’ve actually been trying to switch it up a little bit. I wanted to get just more of like a fully rounded part because the last one—for the TransWorld part [Not Another TransWorld Video (’11)] I felt like I didn’t have enough time. It came down to the wire, and at the end I just had to get a bunch of random filler stuff. So for this I wanted to really concentrate on getting specific things and basically having fun skating more rather than just trying really hard tricks all day. It all came together in probably the last five months, so I’m hyped on it. But even with this video, I feel like there could be more time.

That’s probably the case with every deadline anyone has ever had. Did you really get to dig into it once the Street League stuff was over in August?
Yeah. Street League was every three weeks or something, so in between that I went on whatever trip or filming in LA. But as soon as that was done I’ve been able to skate every day now.

How would you describe Jason Hernandez’s approach to video making?
He basically just wants to handle it. It’s the way I’d rather do it too. I go skating with him and try to film a specific thing. I’m not trying to go hang out at spots all day. I’d rather be hanging with my friends and messing around skating when I’m not filming. So with Jason, I can just laser in on what I want to do at whatever spot and go get it.

Favorite part from Nothing But the Truth [’07]?
My favorites in that video were Lewis [Marnell]’s, Paul [Rodriguez]’s, and Wieger [Van Wageningen]’s parts. I feel like Wieger’s part gets overlooked.

Favorite part from Debacle [’09]?
I like Justin [Brock]’s part. He’s just going for it. I remember seeing so much of that in person too.

Favorite part from Volume 1 [’11]?
That would be Lewis.


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