A Day With Lance

On a hot day in June, Skin Phillips and I borrowed Matt Hensley’s ’66 Ford to drive up to Lance Mountain’s house in L.A. to knock out a portrait we needed for his Retrospective in our Awards Issue. We picked up Lance, loaded his 1942 BSA World War 2 motorcycle into the back and headed up into the hills of the Angeles National Forest to find a good spot. The idea was to have the photo look dirty and dusty like a barren landscape in some undeveloped part of the world during WWII. Lance had his wool military uniform (that was hot as hell!) and a book all about WWII motorcycles with rad pictures that we referenced. We found an emergency turn-off spot that did the trick. After almost an hour of shooting photos in the blazing heat, we started to pack up just as Johnny Law pulled into our area. They were a bit puzzled to see such old vehicles but were impressed with Lance’s bike. Luckily we were already done with the shoot, because the piggies looked eager to put the kibosh on any sort of photoshoot.

Back down at Lance’s we cooled off with some ice water and checked out all his cool artwork and autographed music posters he has in his house. Lance was as friendly, hospitable, and carefree as a person can be. Thanks again, Lance, and cheers to your amazing career. Many more years to come!

Check the slideshow for all the pics!