A Night At The Playboy Mansion

For those of us who may never get there, TransWorld homie J Sammons answered the call of a lifetime and schmoozed his way into the Playboy Mansion for their Pajama party. He promised photo proof and came through in spades. Partner in crime Mike Murray (you may remember him from multiple appearances on Blind Date including their Hall Of Shame) was secretly packing a bunny suit in his backpack and broke it out at midnight. Every girl instantly wanted to hang out with him—a bunny suit at the Mansion? Brilliant.

J got plenty of photos and video clips unfit for this site, but suffice it to say the Mansion lived up to its expectations: open bar all night, boom-boom rooms, all out debauchery in the grotto, the whole nine. There was a silent auction going on as well of autographed rock and roll and movie memorabilia. Several cocktails later, after mingling with celebrities and Playmates, J was informed he owed thirteen large on a couple of autographed guitars he bid on. He did the honorable thing: grabbed a couple Playmates, hopped in a limo, skipped out on his tab, and hit the afterparty at the Mondrian Hotel in Hollywood. And the best part is we’re all invited back next year!

All photos J Sammons.