It's a tough town, so easy to get shut down. LONDON is the city where Palace was spawned and for their upcoming full length video, the place where it's all going down. Hometown pride will provide, but it's no waltz down Haggerston Canal on a Friday night. With CCTV, cracks in the pavement, tough weather, and bobbies on the bowl, getting footage is a struggle. Add a 10-pound VHS camera in the mix and you'd have to ask, "Why do things the hard way?" Nothing good ever comes easily, but one thing is for sure: These fellas get it done steezily. When ya under pressure from the man, best to make like a "space rudeboy" and relax…
Words & photos by Mike O'Meally

Blondey McCoy


Pole Blaster, Waterloo. (click to enlarge)

Full steam ahead down the river of life for this young contender. If not working on his own clothing line (Thames of London), he's making anarchist artwork upon the Royal currency, learning Arabic, or pausing with attitude for the fashion cameras of the London elite. Blondey is keen as a pennywhistle and perhaps Palace's most productive am. Not too shabby for a young mukka of 18 years. If you think he looks like a proper soccer hooligan, well, he saw you coming…

Lucien Clarke


Nollie Heelflip, London Bridge. (click to enlarge)

Hidden tunnels, toxic towers, spiked fences, and a grimy granite block, his left hand says three on the WorkOrange Clock. From Wandsworth to Walthamstow, Clapham, Croydon, and Pimlico, Big Slim Lu goes the extra yard on every mile and earns every ounce in that gold-tooth smile. London's got old bricks mixed with new posh bits, and the only thing stickier than a tube strike in summertime is Dark Clarke's stomp on this big boy nollie heel over the bar.

Chewy Cannon


Switch Frontside Board, St Paul's Cathedral. (click to enlarge)

Outta the darkness and into the traffic, this switch frontside attack is the move of a mack, that's why he got his name on the block. To name the ledge after a ledge, that makes sense to me.

Benny Fairfax


Nosegrind, Victoria Station. (click to enlarge)

Quick work and quick feet, you gotta rush this spot before the police swarm and give you das boot. Good thing Benny was kitted out with high-speed athletic gear—makes for a speedier getaway from bait coppers and old men who like to get caned on the weekend. Benny only canes on the weekdays.

Danny Brady


Backside Noseblunt, Warren Street. (click to enlarge)

If you can keep your wits together in London, that will take you places. Brady is on top of it—he keeps the team of mashmen in order, keeps the fisheye duct-taped to the camera, keeps the original Palace slum locked up tight, and keeps it fun and serious at the same time. He may look like a smiling elf, but this quick-footed boost up to backside noseblunt off the end was pure aggression. It ain't safe for the spot!

Palace x Bronze: Paramount

Endless Bummer