I moved back to Australia late last year and got thrown in the deep end to revamp the Australian adidas Skateboarding team. We got busy and hit every major city in Oz throughout the year. Activated is the result of that year’s work and Leigh Bolton did an amazing job filming and editing the clip. Getting activated means to get something started, but for this crew there’s a double meaning. It’s pouring some Stones Green Ginger Wine down the neck of a beer, usually in the airport car rental return at the end of a trip. Welcome to Australia.—Dave Chami

Dennis Durrant, nollie frontside heelflip @dennisdurrant
Dennis is the head of the team in Australia, the one that all the guys look up to and secretly fan out over when he’s on the session. A true professional in every sense of the word, he’ll talk with the kids, shut down a demo and blaze the streets.

Tom Snape, switch crooked grind @tomsnape91
Snape G handled business in Oz then headed to Europe once the weather in Melbourne had packed in. He’s got quite the following worldwide these days, just goes to show there’s still nothing more pleasing to the eye than a well executed line.

Gabriel Summers, frontside noseslide @gabrielsummers1
Gabbers is one of the hardest working skaters I know, he tries the gnarliest shit and takes the big slams that come with them. If a car is in the landing, he’ll just try to ride right through it.

Ryan Wilson, wallride @hoaniqueen
The biggest character both on and off the board and probably the best person to have on a trip, Rhino joined the team late in the year but managed to squeeze a few cheeky moves in. Chup 2?

Jae Overton, backside flip @mercedesecorby
Ovo was a flow guy I’d never met. We gave him a shot and took him on a trip to Tasmania and it was a wrap, he was on the team properly from then on. Having a good sense of self deprecating humor is as important as any trick you can do in my opinion, but it definitely didn’t hurt that he filmed twice as much as everyone else too.

LP Nuku, backside 180 switch frontside crooked grind. @lp_nuku
I’d been watching footage of LP for the past few years and was really stoked on his skating, so when I got back to Oz, I brought him into the fold. He got injured early on but when summer hit Melbourne at the tail end of the year, LP was on a warpath and new clips were coming through every few days! I’m still losing sleep over some of his footage that didn’t make it into the clip, watch out for more LP real soon.

Kayle Lawson, nollie backside 180. @klawsss
There are dudes who dress off the rack and dudes that are on their own shit, Kayle is definitely in the latter category. At the premiere last week he was running a pair of Burberry print pants with some adidas loafers and a T-shirt. I’ve even seen him skate in a full orange adidas tracksuit! Most dudes can’t pull that off walking to the corner store but Kayle makes it look good whilst getting savage on his skateboard.

Mitch Morrison, Bennett grind. @meech_morrison
When I got the gig as TM, I asked Dennis if there was anyone in Brisbane he thought we should start flowing shoes. He suggested his roommate Mitch which seemed like a bit of a bro thing at first, but after I saw Mitch skate I could see immediately why Dennis wanted him on. Mitch made it happen all year off his own bat and earned his three stripes.

Adam Davies, backside tailslide backside flip out. @adamdavies
Adam is one of those guys who’s always filming for something. He put out a vx part for TransWorld earlier in the year then backed it up with a bunch of footage in Activated and still has clips up his sleeve. He got engaged and bought a house this year too, 2017 was definitely a good one for Adam!

Watch Activated below: