adidas Das Days NYC is well underway in the Big Apple. It all started last Friday at The Flowershop with the launch event for adidas’ new shoe, the 3MC. On display were shoes and polaroids used and shot by adidas team riders and other NYC personalities, photographers, etc. Food was provided by Scarr’s Pizza and a good time was had by all. Check the flicks and follow @adidasskateboarding to see all the events going on this week!

Pre-party meet up on JZ’s roof in the LES with adidas’ Matt Milligan, John Torsey, and Cullen Poythress with Dirk Diggs and Chris Kays.

Cullen and Milligan always getting those snaps.

Over at the Flower Shop, Who Kid’s shoe and polaroid collection.

Frankie Spears had the only black pair on display. Nestor said he might have gotten the wrong color. Lol.

Yaje’s were nice and paint-splattered.

The back wall downstairs at The Flowershop.

Rachelle Vinberg, starring in the upcoming Skate Kitchen movie.

Ryan Mettz, TJ Mizell, and more.

Nora Vasconcellos and Nestor Judkins downstairs.

This was the early-bird/VIP part of the night.

Who Kid! One of the funniest IG follows–you can also catch him on Tyshawn’s IG quite a bit.

Paulgarrr and his lady Alana.

Out on the street, the crowd was swelling.

At 10p.m., they let the gen pop in, as we moseyed on to a great summer night in NYC. Thanks adidas!

Photos: @blair.alley