Das Days Shanghai went off like a rocket launcher last weekend. Friday kicked off the festivities with members of the US, Japanese, and Australian adidas skateboarding teams in town, and after a quick skate it was off to The Showcase art show which featured work from local Chinese artists and product from skate brands across the Asia/Pacific region. The night was well and truly topped off with the premiere of a full Brian Peacock part filmed solely in Shanghai and featuring cameos from Rodrigo TX, Lucas Pug and Mariah Duran.

Words and photos by Dave Chami

Cairo Foster, kicky back tail on Shanghai’s perfect ledges.

Dennis Busenitz, back tail pop UP. You know he’s got the speed.

Diego Najera, switch backside flip on the waterfront.

Diego Najera, switch heelflip up the three.

Mariah Duran, backside tailslide on another perfect ledge.

Shin Sanbongi, frontside wallride.

Just part of the adidas skate crew!

Adam Davies in the train piece.

Artist Hurricane.

Artist Rainbow.

Artist Sheep Chen.

Artist Soils.

Ayesha and Jack Fardell.

Babes at Das Days.

Backyard artwork.

Brian Kleiber, his wife, and homie.

Brian Peacock and Rodrigo TX.

Diego Najera and Brian Peacock.

Hiroki Muraoaka and Issey Kumatani checking out artwork.

Jack Fardell and Kerry Fisher.

Laurence Keefe and Tommy Zhao.

LP Nuku and Leigh Bolton.

Mariah Duran, Donta Hill, Gabriel Summers, and Adam Davies.

Paul Shier and Glenn Walker.

Sean Holland, Anthony Claravall, Brian Peacock, Brian Siswojo and Kerry Fisher.

Shin Sanbongi and Will from Wandering Skate.

The crowd glued to the video.

The party never ends.

Saturday saw double-decker buses transport all the skaters out to Penguin plaza, a local hot spot where a heated City Copa contest was held. Cash was doled out, insane skateboarding went down, and the highlight was an intense longest Ollie contest which saw Jack Fardell sailing in for the gold. That night everyone partied China style at a house party held at club Yuyintang with local acts Daliah Rosea, Gao Jiafeng, Yehaiyahan and Dirty Fingers tearing the roof off!

Andrea Colz, fakie five-0.

Andrea Colz gets the bread.

Brian Peacock, nollie 180 Switch Backside 5-0.

City Copa posse.

Dennis Busenitz, backside lipslide.

Donta Hill, Ollie.

Double decker bus ride to City Copa.

For the crowd.

Gabriel Summers, five-0.

Gabbers with the RMB.

Jack Fardell, 360 flip.

Fardell and Najera with the cashish.

Jack Fardell going the distance.

Jeremy Hu, backside 180 fakie five-0.

Li Wen Tao, kickflip.

Lil Dre, half Cab nosegrind.

Lil Dre, Ollie.

Mariah Duran, backside tailslide.

TX loves Shanghai.

Rodrigo TX, frontside shove-it, backside nosegrind.

Rodrigo TX, nollie 180 to switch five-0.

Shin Sanbongi, backside 180.

Shin Sanbongi, one-foot Ollie.

Skateboarding is alive and well in Shanghai.

The three-wheeler obstacle.

Would you Ollie this?

The crew losing it after Fardell’s long Ollie.

Adam Davies, 12 o’clock in the crowd.

Diego Najera and Steve Murphy.

Dirty Fingers.

Dirty Fingers’ guitarist.

Dirty Fingers, a job well done.

Dirty Fingers, punk’s not dead!

Gao Jiafeng, saxy boquet.

The girls love the band.

Yehaiyahan serenading the crowd

Das Days Shanghai runs through til October 20.