Showcase X, part of adidas Skateboarding’s Das Days NYC, curated by adidas’ own Mark Gonzales, took place at Milk Studios in Chelsea with a special surprise for guests. Gonz recreated his museum performance that he did in Germany 20 years ago. He skated to that Coconut Records song as well as another for a two-song performance. There were two performances throughout the night, the fencing suit was black this time, and it a surreal, magical night. Scroll down to see who was there.

Photos: @blair.alley

Before the Showcase X began, out front, Sean Pablo and Paulgarrr suited and booted.


Max Fish had a pop up bar! Best people right here.

Matt Milligan with his disposable Gonz camera they were giving away.

Kyle Camarillo and Nestor Judkins know a thing or two about cameras.

Mark Suciu and Franky Spears.

Colin Sussingham and Jerry Mraz.

Gonz makes his entrance with the first performance of the night.

Shooting the tube, just like in Germany 20 years ago.

The Aloha shoe, dropping in August.


Frontside. Classic form.


In between performances, Skin Phillips catches up with the Useless Wooden Trivia gang.

Mark Nardelli, Skin, Jascha Muller, Cullen Poythress, and Mike Fitzgerald.

Miles Silvas and Felipe Gustavo.

Performance number two!

Dancing with his board.

Wallride from across Milk’s gallery.

Had to post another frontside wallride.

That’s it for the Gonz on this historic night!