Yesterday in Downtown LA, adidas held its Los Angeles stop of the Skate Copa Court series. A tennis court filled with obstacles was set up and several local shops battled it out with their teams. After that, the adidas team put on a demo that was unreal before the A$AP Ferg performance. The new adidas x Trap Lord capsule was on display, free Pizzanista was being given out, The Nine Club recorded an episode on site, and the VIP area kept us cool and shaded. Thanks adidas!
Photos: @blair.alley and @jaimeowens

Heavy line up on a hot day in LA!

The crowd came out!

You’ll never see Daewon without a smile.

Diego Najera with a bionic kickflip over the net into the quarter.

Diego Najera, nollie inward heelflip.

Jack Fardell, feeble grind.

Felipe Gustavo, newly on the squad, switch backside flip.

Alec Majerus, nosegrind up.

State Footwear’s Christian Maalouf, frontside flip during the Shop Challenge.

Christian Maalouf, kickflip.

Chris Lipomi and Nora talk board shapes old and new.

Talented photogs in the house. Sam Muller and Ben Colen.

Pete Eldridge, always ridin’ clean!

Good to see ya Salman! Free Pizzanista all day.

Coming soon to YouTube…

Mo’ money Fardell! Tricks for cash.

Nak arrived. He’s got fans, believe that.

Pier 7 alumni! Stevie and Karl.

Be your own Traplord!

The Trap Lord collection.

That jersey is sick.

JZ on the Nine!

View from the roof!

Cullen Poythress and Nino Scalia.

Miles Silvas warms it up with a kickflip.

Silas, noseblunt-slide-Neal.

Alec Majerus, 270 to noseblunt-slide.

Miles Silvas, overcrook to fakie.

Na-Kel, backside Smith.

Sup girl?

Pete Eldridge, nollie 180.

Miles Silvas, nollie 180 heelflip.

Silas Baxter-Neal, frontside flip.

Diego Najera, nollie backside flip.

Zach Saraceno, backside 360 ollie.

Silas with that signature 360 flip.

Diegoooo! Varial heelflip.

Alec Majerus, hardflip.

Nora sliding through on her tail.

Tech wizards.

Coolin’ off after a hot demo.

Future’s so bright…