We hit the floor of the Agenda Show today to see what skate product is dropping later this year. We also ran into some familiar faces in the aisles. Our best trick contest with New Balance Numeric went down today as well, so stay tuned for an edit from that. We couldn’t make it to see all our friends at every exhibiting booth, so forgive us for any omissions. Scroll on down and get your product fix.

Photos: @blair.alley

A wall of very sharp shoes from our friends at New Balance Numeric.

Heyyy! It’s Marquise Henry and PJ Ladd!

More goodness from NB Numeric.

Element had its skatecamp pack dialed.

Element x Keith Haring collab!

New Welcome graphics and garms.

Get those H-Street classics.

The Blind bong series.

enjoi can get away with it.

Blind bringing back more 90s nostalgia.

Ghetto Wear!

Darkstar x Nagel collection.

Dog Town Skates!

Madrid x Stranger Things collab! That red Madrid is the board Mad Max skated in season two.

State x Magenta.

State’s line lookin’ nice and clean.

90s John collection!

John Shanahan and Brian Wenning sharing walls at the DC booth.

A lot of answered prayers with this one.

Steve Clare with that new Dickies fire.

“Get a close up of these.”

Need that Dickies jacket.

Converse CONS line lookin’ real good. Shout out to John Erickson.

Some of the new Habitat graphics.

Marius’ beer and board collab!

DGK apparel always on point.

DGK have a new video coming out?!

Deathwish heat transfers over at the Baker Boys booth.

Smiths lyrics Heroin boards.


’round Coachella time, these Blood Wizard hats are gonna fly off the shelves!

Gregson photobombing his own board!

You’re gonna want this new fisheye from Hotshot.

You got a Hotshot Handle yet?

Don’t know what the story is with that class photo–but that’s a funny graphic. Also, Ke’Chaud pro!?

What up Willy!