Another year, another walk through. Day 1 of Agenda Long Beach went down yesterday where hundreds of snazzy individuals saw all the latest gear in the skateboarding industry and beyond (way beyond). They patted you down and made you walk through metal detectors this year, which was new, but beyond that I felt the same as I do every year walking through those doors and making eye contact with every person within a 20-foot radius. I got in and made my way through the majority of the aisles, primarily the two that had all the skate stuff, with my camera in hand shooting photos of whatever the brands would let me shoot photos of. Some let me go wild, others politely said I couldn’t be taking pictures and most just stared at me unsure of what to say or do. I feel like I saw a lot more people sitting down at tables and doing what looked like writing down orders this year, which I personally don’t always see that often. Hope you guys are cashin’ checks and breakin’ necks at this thing! The booths all look awesome, some obviously more thought out than others, but pretty much everyone did a good job. Pretend you have a brand—how would you set up your booth? Some of these people are pretty damn creative, I’ll admit. It’s always fun seeing what people make with their space. Anyways, scroll through the gallery, let us know what you’re liking, what you’re hating, and what you want to see more of.

Also, don’t forget that #AgendaFest is happening on Saturday. It’s open to the public and there is all sorts of stuff going down! A big ass concert, Element is doing a flatbar contest, brands will be transitioning their booths into pop-up shops for you to buy gear… and a whole lot more. Visit for all the details!
Might I add that some of the funniest things I ever hear are said amongst others in the bathroom at Agenda, especially in the afternoon when the beers are really flowing. Not much more to add and I’ll have to save the quotes for another time, but it’s true.
Okay. That’s all. See you in a few months when we hop back in that time machine and make our way up to the Long Beach Convention Center to do it all over again.