almost Round 3 World Premiere

I really don’t know where to begin. This was honestly the most fun video premiere I’ve been to in a long time. It was at the Avalon in Hollywood which is a huge and super nice theater-type place. There were bars everywhere and free drinks for everyone. There were kids that looked like they were 14 walking around double-fisted and noone gave a shit!

The video was bonkers. When you think about the kind of stuff that Haslam, Rodney, and Daewon do, and put them all in the same video—it’s going to be gnarly. Haslam had the opener and Daewon had the closer. The talk of the night was which of these guys had the best part. The crazy thing is, Daewon’s been putting out these video parts for 14 years now. No one can do what he does, yet he manages to one up himself everytime he puts out a part. See the video for yourself. Thanks for all those gold VIP tickets Whitney!

You could also call this article “Jimmy Astleford’s Tour Of Hollywood.” I don’t know how he got into every photo.

William Patrick is Tyrone Olsen and Kevin Spacey is Kaiser Sose—sorry.

Oh, and they almost got bootlegged, check the attached video clips.

All photos from here on down by Seu Trinh

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