Altamont Launch Party

The people behind Altamont have the right idea—rent out a quaint bar, invite a small group of VIPs to see your line, and do it all the night before ASR even begins. The Basic Bar in downtown San Diego was the spot, right next to the new Padres ballpark. Dustin Dollin and Erik Ellington were in the house to support their Baker brother Andrew Reynolds as his new clothing brand launched. The clothing pieces were attached to square pieces of wood and suspended from the ceiling on pulleys with sandbags on the other end so the viewer could easily adjust the height of whatever they wanted to take a closer look at. Good tunes spun from the likes of Mario Rubalcaba and others, and before long a bit of alcohol-fueled dancing took over the floor.

Great food, free drinks, the threads are lookin’ buttery, they’ll be in stores this fall—Altamont knows how to do it. Check the slideshow for all the pics.