AM Getting Paid Contest

After 8 months of promotion, the first edition of the AM Getting Paid contest finally went down. The contest was proudly presented by Zoo York.The entire Zoo crew came to Montreal this weekend to support the event. Sal Barbier, Harold Hunter, Kenny Hughes, Jeff Pang and his amateur squad were here, ready to skate the contest and party like there’s no tomorrow at the AM Getting Laid after party. The party was wild and the contest was intense. With 63 participants this contest was definitely a success. We had riders from all over north America (Boston, Philadelphia, New York, California, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary etc..) The vibe was really good and the skating was top notch. The besttrick part was off the hook. We gave out $1000, handing cash money,$20 to $60 a trick. It only took 20 minutes and the entire amount wasgone. Those amateurs were seriously hungry. Finally getting paid! Mostdefinitely, this contest will become a classic for the amateur in theskateboard world. You can count on Zoo York and Underworld for bringingthis contest back to you next year. More news and updates will beavailable at