Friend of TWS, Heverton Ribeiro is working on a project with the Levi’s skateboarding program at the moment out in Brazil inside what some refer to as the lung of the world—the Amazon jungle—a place that usually isn’t on the top of every skate teams list as it’s super hot (usually well over 100 degrees) and lacks natural street spots. But this trip wasn’t about street skating. In fact, it was quite the opposite.

Heverton took a skateboard into an original Indian tribe that never had contact with a skateboard before, taught them some basics and all the while learned from them and their customs. “It was really cool,” says Ribeiro, as he mentioned, “We’re also building a concrete DIY for the local skaters who live in the city of Manaus.”

Laying down some concrete, dripping sweat in the hot heat and experiencing things with nature and the Indians who had their first contact with a skateboard was the mission. Safe to say they succeeded! Check some photos from the trip below… The more we hear from Heverton and his progress, the more we’ll post. Nice work to everyone involved!