American Misfits Premiere

Los dangerous. Home of the body bag and much more. The streets are full of the vain. The hungry the smog lung filled hippies and the plastic faces . The only reason I ever go to this death trap is to 1 skate and get footage in some over played out street spot. 2 show a friend from out of town the sites. 3 to go to video premiers. Or 4 to watch Seu perform comedy known as Hollywood death metal. 

American Misfits was the main reason this voyage was endured. The second to show my friend  circle k     the city and the insane   landscape of this waste land.    We sparked it off by going to Hollywood peeped the tinsels skated the spots hit the sun set strip and the blvd and the walk of stars. Later on we get a call from Seu he says “yo head over lets hang guys” long story short we went shopping. Seu is emo and well if it was not for his girlfriend being around him I would question his sexual preference. So after that we head to the spot Zen sushi in silver lake and the venue was banging rad food good free soda and lots of Trim as blare would put it. the first 4 shows of American misfits was amazing ground braking proactive   uninhibited controversial and I most definitely give them 2 thumbs up., Jeff king and Neal Mims are now my hero’s and when the shows hit fuel they will be yours as well….   Anyway I have a top secret waver I doted in blood to not talk about it but the shows were rad…..After the show I checked into the days inn on sun set strip. The place was jacked more than a hot rod with a pozzy rear end. The office had a 80 year old smoking north Korean    refuge the guy  and I am allergic to smoke so I stepped back. He then asked me 40 times if I had anybody with me except circle k.

I was freaked out but hell the place was 40 bucks so I was trying to get the key. The hotel room was 40 the key was 3 bucks extra and the room had one towel and one bar of soap. The bed had a old paper back book holding one leg up after a hooker broke it. the paint was chipping and the TV was focused anyway enough about the room seu was making me go to the after party.   Anyway on to the after party I go to Moscow the new cool guy trendy tight pants black hair jonnie thunders  rip off artist   kook kid club in Hollywood. Home of 3 buck ice water. The first thing I see is that there is 200000 kids with the same hair same dumb glow in the dark bands on there wrist 4000 Greco rip off guys 200 fowler rip offs about 1000 guys who wished they were in the faint and about 600000 women who thought they were Joan jet. And I do not need to mention the other 5000 kids who looked like Axl rose in 1988….   So I sat down up in the balcony lucky for me I got in for free and got free rum sodas from friends and humans there. I began to notice why the world will never be at peace ever. One everybody is self centered. These females who dance and try to act sexy when there just being stupid and drunk. I wish I could film them give them the tape and the next day when there sober they can see how foolish and dumb they look up on a little box or on some dance floor shaking there hands and looking drunk when they think they are in the film footloose but look like they are being shocked by a tazer at close range. No way they can call that dancing. Look flamingo   salsa Tango  break dancing etc. now that is real dancing that takes hard hitting  skills….  Yes they are and yes  you must have talent to prefect it. The self centered generation is so lost so super fish that I fear a day when they run this world. “Look at me I m so sexy im a chick I am skinny bla bla it is such a ego self centered dumb act. Look you are not special anybody can shake there ass and get drunk anybody can destroy themselves anybody can have per miscues sex with funny looking   guys named frank. Lady’s you are lost. Like they get on us guys for being vain and full of ego what about women when they do this dance crap like look at me im sexy.  How is that a talent or even a skill?  There is 27898897890 billion good looking women on earth who can do that how does that separate you from them? Wait I got it you live in LA home of LOOK AT ME   and greed got it your booty makes you better than anybody.  What a dumb brain .  humans   think we are so different from animals but the herds are the same  females let out a mating call at the club 500 dumb blokes line up to fight for one and one goes home with her as 400 others get drunk and puke in my toilet all sad about it.   200 women go for the same guy just as sheep in a pack go for one stud male. To keep the litter strong etc now  the ram horns are gone and we have visa and hair salons and trendy music to rope them in. it is depressing how sad what a dumb gimmick. who sold this shit to the mainstream? I think it would be more funny if It was more blatent like when a lion rips the head of a younger lion when he gets to close to his lady.  why are humans so dumb. They should just step it up and get violent.   Women are lost in clubs dumb slags who think that the world revolves around them I bet they have no idea who bargeman Franklin is but they know he is on the 100 dollar note.   Screwed up in the domes they are and if I was there dad I would be mad pissed off and sorry I helped create a generation of apathy greed just as the one before and before that. As far back as the cave man. Bottom line is that After the club was over I realized I am so lucky to be a marred man With a great lady. Plus   Not stuck in the war zone with my homie circle k and  ettuffe and the other guys I knew there who looked so desperate    to get any attention from these plastic ugly sole less   godless ego feeding ugly women who feed off of carnage and adversity. So I get to my hotel and I try to sleep and circle K wakes me up with a fucking knock on the door it is circle k he comes from the land of beer and insanity known as the Austria. He kept me up and was puking and bummed that  his lady ditched him I tried to explain the above to him about Hollywood ho bags but he was to drunk to recall it so I   turned up the AC and opened a window and covered up my face and drifted to dream land. The next day I woke up and boom there I WAS still in hell A . and now I was hung over from the rum and sodas and my dome would not stop the pounding and K was farting in his sleep and the room was like from a bad film in a 3 rd world land and the TV was busted and the floor was damp and the walls were chipping and the window was cracked a bit and the light bulbs were gone due to junkies using the filaments to clean out there needles and the bed was old and busted from hookers and the place smelt of rum piss puke and mold. So we went to check out and the crazy asin lady    said you check out now  I was like sure “word up here is the key lady”. And she gave m 3 bucks and   she lit up a smoke and gave me my paper work and off in the Volvo I went home sweet home….  —Nate Sherwood