And 1 Streetball

And 1 Streetball


PlayStation 2/Xbox

**** (4.5/5)

Overview: You’ve seen the ankle-breaking trickballing on ESPN2--this is the 32-bit version.

Gameplay: You can play the And 1 characters (Escalade; Half-Man, Half-Amazing; The Professor, etc.) at world-famous courts like Venice, Rucker, and Paris’ Centre Sportif Emile Anthoine, or you can create your very own baller personality whose goal is to land a spot on the And 1 tour bus.

Graphics: The And 1 players look identical to their TV counterparts (trash talking and sweat included).

Sound: The smack talk is hilarious and the hip-hop soundtrack is what you’d expect if you’re an And 1 fan: A mix of local MCs and radio personalities from major U.S. cities.

Entertainment: Streetball’s unique “I-Ball Control System is an interesting tidbit, allowing gamers to intuitively control their tricks. Setup dribbles, showboating, and finishers look great, especially when you get to dis online players in, say, Kazakhstan. Basketball purists may hate the rule-stretching and trash talking, but then again, why play this if you’re a basketball purist?--Gamey Thomas