Another Day In Paradise 5

Our last weekend on O’ahu was spent skating, partying at exclusive clubs, and witnessing a performance by the one and only Anton Glam. You’ve got to check the attached videos to grasp Anton’s flair and charisma. He’s a local skater from Kailua (check him out in 808’s video It’s 8:08) that has relocated to NYC and is soon to be a pop icon. I was stoked to be able to see him in an intimate club in downtown Honolulu before he blows up.

The people that made our stay in Hawai’i an epic skate vacation is really too long to list, but hell, I’ll try anyway: The Birdhouse crew of course—Willy, Sumner, and Nesser; North Shore maniac Lance Holcomb who brought Tonging to the masses; Ashley; the owner of the Cholo bowl; Chad, Rob, and everyone from APB; Christa and Lacey for the constant connects; Sober Joe’ber for being our designated driver most nights as well as a gracious host; Sean Starn of Natural Koncept for an epic night of Japanese fare and naked women; Applenuts; Sean Payne; Sean Reilly; the planet of Endore; Grant for hook ups at the best clubs on O’ahu; and the biggest shout out of all goes to local celebrity, island legend, and epic skate rat Chris Motherf—king Kays.

God damn, I feel like Schaeffer at the end of a Tampa weekend.

Check the slideshow and attached clips or else you are a true kook.

Hawai’ian Video Vault coming tomorrow!