April 2002 Questionable

Questionable These questions were chosen¿not judged¿by the TWS staff on the basis of goodness, badness, and our own brand of shaky logic. The authors of the most worthy Questionable letters will receive some famous high-concept TWS product that’s perfect for wearing or sharing!

This month’s Questionable question:

What’s your favorite trick that you can’t do?

“Any kind of stylish ollie on a smooth transition. Like, say, a giant Alan Peterson ollie over a cement hip. I’ve always wanted go huge, smooth, and fly. Never could.” Samual P. Plarthum, 26, Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Those nollie-oops that Bam does in every video, usually at FDR in Philly. He pops over the hips and trannies, and his arms just float up and around as he spins. It looks like he just levitates.” Randy Neville, 23, Phoenix, Arizona

“All of the tricks on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. My friends are so stinking good, and I’m all thumbs.” Mike Thangery, 14, Ashland, Oregon

“I can’t get my trucks onto the edge for massive coper scrapers like I’ve seen Tony Tieu and Dave Mayhew do. I’m feeling like a loser and may start BMXing. I suck.” Ignacio Kolaido, 17, Park City, Utah

“You’re either a frontside pop shove-it guy or a backside pop shove-it guy¿few people are both. When it comes to frontside, I’m completely lost. In a decade, I’ve never landed one cleanly.” Chris Beamish, 25, Newport Beach, California

“Frontside inverts. When done correctly, they’re the most beautiful things my thirteen-year-old eyes have ever seen.” Maxine Extreme, 13, Portland, Oregon

May 2002 Questionable question:

Where would you like to travel in time to go skateboarding?

June 2002 question: “If you could become any skater for one day, who would you be?”

July 2002 question: “What makes skateboarding different than other sports?”

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