ASR, éS Game Of SKATE, Danger Photo Show, and Element’s Shoe Release Party

It all started when Osiris TM Cuong Lieng pointed out this German kid that he flows shoes to that was warming up for the am Game Of SKATE at noon. “He’s got buttery style and a ton of tricks, I was playing SKATE with him the other day. Watch his back foot on his 360 flips.” Little did anyone know this kid, Alex Mizurov, would not only win the am game of SKATE giving him a birth in the pro tournament, but he went the distance, skating for four and a half hours non-stop to win ten grand in the pro game. Dude won two tournaments back to back. The final match up between him and Chris Cole was retarded. They were matching each other with triple kickflips, double hardflips, switch frontside biggie heels, the crowd was going apeshit. Not only were these guys landing ridiculous tricks that they’ve never tried before, they were having trouble thinking of tricks to do! Words can’t describe the excitement. The crowd got one hell of a show. Check the attached video clip to really see the madness. Alex Mizurov deserved the dough.

Then it was off to Overload skateshop in North Park to see the Danger photo exhibit with work from Ed Templeton, Leo Romero, Shad Lambert, Brendan Klein and a few other photogs. As a transvestite walked by out front of the shop, Leo yelled, “What’s up dude!” Leonard’s a good time. After beers and mexican food and a high five to Kevin Marks, it was back downtown for the Element shoe release party.

The always lively Voice 1156 Gallery was hosting Element’s party where the walls were covered in griptape and blank boards and everyone was invited to tag, draw, scribble, whatever. There were glass cases with Tosh Townend and Mike V.’s debut pro models that were fair game, too. Limited-edition splatter paint pro models were handed out to the uber-cool.

Last stop--Westin bar. This tends to be the spot where everyone converges around last call after all respective ASR parties. It’s always jumping with an interesting mix of people to say the least. Birthday boy Keith Wilson was holding down the patio with the Baker boys and the Sk8mafia. Everything after that got fuzzy. Another ASR weekend in the books.

Check the slideshow for all the pics!